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Wild View Waterproof Outdoor Megapixel Motion Detection Camera

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The Wild View Waterproof Outdoor Megapixel Motion Detection Camera now takes beautiful 10MP photos and 640 x 480 video, and is battery powered for remote video surveillance where there is no electricity. 

Here is the movie we made of us opening up the Wild View Outdoor Camera; below are some actual photo's and movies you can view to see the quality of the camera:

This camera ships from China for $40 and will take 7-10 days to arrive.

The Wild View Waterproof Outdoor Motion Detection Camera has been upgraded to 10MP photos, and 640 x 480 video. Choose between 5-8-10MP photos, and you can take 1, 3, 6, or 9 at a time in sequence. The 10MP photos are a whopping 3648 x 2736 or 50 x 38 inches. And they are soooo clear! Check out the examples below.

If you want video, choose between 320 x 240 or 640 x 480. It runs at 21.2 frames per second. This is a great stand-alone trail camera to watch wild animals in your backyard, or catch the punk teenager that is terrorizing the neighborhood!

The Wild View Waterproof Outdoor Megapixel Motion Detection Camera takes clear still pictures or movies and is camouflaged to blend in with the outdoors. It's a great motion detection camera that you strap to a tree or pole. It comes with a photograph of a wooded area imprinted on the outside of the camera so it will blend into most wooded areas, or paint it to match your location.

It's a fully self contained, battery powered, weatherproof 1 camera video surveillance system. 

You will get dozens of photos in the best setting with the internal memory. Add the 2GB SD card, and record 2,000 plus photos.

When you put the battery in, take care not to bend the 4 pins that make connection with the battery. Do NOT drop the battery straight into the rectangle opening, which will bend the pens, and result in the camera not working. Make sure you slide the battery in at a 45 degree angle, with the rear edge with the 4 contacts going in at a 45 degree angle, and when it makes contact with the pins, lower the front edge in to fully seat the battery. Watch the video down further on the page for instructions.

This fully waterproof outdoor camera
takes very clear movies or still video pictures with 10 megapixels for the most stunning wildlife or video surveillance photo's on the market today. It also records large, 640 x 480 video @ 21.2 fps.

This camera ships from China and takes between 1-2 weeks to arrive.

Download the Wild View Outdoor manual here.

The Wild View Outdoor camera has 40 built in heavy duty Infrared LED's so it can see up to 82 feet (25 meters) in low light, and it is perfect for locations that have no electricity, like providing video security for your cabin, your business, or if you belong to a game preserve, setting up a few cameras in remote areas allow you to record the wildlife with no humans around. At night, the LED's glow light red when there is movement, though it will light up the scene with infrared light that only the camera can see. You just see these little light red LED's.

It's fully self contained, with an internal battery, and you can purchase additional batteries to quick swap them for constant remote video surveillance. The Wildview outdoor camera should last up to 3 weeks on a charge.  Each model has motion triggered sensors with adjustable PIR sensitivity. It uses a laser light to aim and set the camera to the surveyed area.

Here Are Some Raw Videos To Download - all are 15 seconds:

Right click and download to your computer. Play with VLC Media player or KM Player on a PC, Mac use Quicktime or VLC Media player.

Wild View Outdoor Cameraa 640 x 480 Video:

Wild View Outdoor Cameraa 320 x 240 Video:

Here Are Some 10 Megapixel Photographs:

Here Are Some 8 Megapixel Photographs:

Here are three pictures in a row, so you can get a nice shot of the wild animals running around, or catch the guy vandalizing your property.


Here is a video we made showing you how to properly put the battery into the Wildview outdoor camera:

Here is what we found out by testing it. We feel the bigger pictures are better than the smaller video, though that is your choice. Both work well during the day and night. The infrared's are extremely powerful, so powerful it will bleach out the entire picture if something is right in front of it.

Optimum distance is 10-30 feet for super clear recording like it was daylight. These are not the invisible infrared's; they are red and you should know that. We will see if they can go to the latest technology. They already quit making the 3 & 5 megapixel version, though this version lets you drop down to those versions of picture sizes if you need to.

The JPG pictures measure up to 3648 x 2736 pixels, or 50 x 38 inches @ 72 DPI and are fully Apple compatible with no conversion needed. The video is either 640 x 480 or 320 x 240 and 30 fps. Both are color during the day and b/w at night.

Don't try and test it in your home because the spaces are too small the images could be bleached out or all white from the infrareds. It's an outdoor camera, not an indoor camera.

The Wild View Waterproof Outdoor Camera time/date stamps every picture and stores it in 16MB internal memory, or you can add 2GB SD cards. Upload to the SD card or to a PC with the internal USB port.

The Wild View Motion Detection Camera can take still shots or video, your choice, and it won't start recording until it detects motion. It has an invisible laser light to survey the area and as soon as the laser is tripped, it starts recording.

The Wild View Outdoor Camera can be set to trigger a delay in recording from 20 seconds up to 100 hours; it's completely adjustable according to your needs.

It has a built-in color 2.5" LCD monitor to watch the pictures from the unit itself, or you can download the video via the USB port; the 3MP model has a b/w LCD screen. The removable lithium ion battery will last up to 20 days when set to motion detection, or you can hook up a 12V power adapter. Power drain just 2 MA/H during standby mode. Comes complete with all software.

Wildview Outdoor Camera Operating Instructions:

  1. Charge battery with the included power adapter until green light comes on.
  2. Slide battery into camera like video above and put back cover. Insert SD card face up on the side.
  3. Slide the left most switch up to "Test" mode. Slide next switch to either take video or photo, bottom setting video, top setting is photo.
  4. Press the "Menu" button on the right and use the joystick to adjust all the settings, scroll up and down, and push to the right to adjust the setting, press joystick down to save, then press menu to go back.
  5. You can record test videos and photos to make sure it's working by pushing the "Shutter" button on the right. When finished, start recording by pushing left button up to "On." It takes up to 5 minutes to warm up, so leave it alone once you turn it all the way "On." You are good to go.

Wild View 8 Megapixel Specifications:

  • Image Sensor: CMOS sensor 8 Mega Pixels
  • Still Image: 10MP - 3648 x 2736, 8MP - 3504 x 2336, 5MP - 2592 x 1944, 3MP - 2048 x 1536
  • Video Resolution: 640 x 480, 320 x 240 @ 21.2fps
  • Video Recording Times: 15-30-60-120 seconds
  • Video Recording Delay: 20 seconds ~ 99:99:99
  • Photos: 1, 3, 6, 9 at a time
  • File format: JPG/AVI
  • Display: 2.4" TFT-LCD
  • External memory: SD/MMC Card up to 2GB (optional)
  • Internal memory: 16MB of built-in memory
  • Exposure: Auto
  • Low battery: Auto indicator(yellow light)
  • Card full display: Auto
  • Playback model Television or computer play
  • PIR distance: Adjustable
  • OS: Windows 98/98se/me/2000/xp
  • Power supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery or 12V DC input
  • Operating Temperature: -4 3/4 F to 122 3/4 degrees F
  • Storage Temperature: -22 3/4 F to 167 3/4 degrees F
  • Kit Contains:
  • Digital camera with all weather housing
  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • AC 110-240V Charger
  • USB cable
  • A/V cable
  • Manual
  • Strap
  • CD

Model: M-HW-HD1000 - Wild View Waterproof Outdoor 8 Megapixel Motion Detection Camera

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