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The Universal Bug Detector

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The Universal Bug Detector is a broadband receiver that will detect and locate ALL major types of electronic surveillance devices, including room, phone, body bugs, video transmitters, and tape recorders

The Universal Bug Detector is a professional grade bug detector that covers a very wide range of signals from 200Hz to over 3GHz!

The Universal Bug Detector is a broadband receiver that provides a very important cost-effective tool for professional sweep teams, government security personnel, and private citizens with important security needs. With the Universal Bug Detector, you can quickly detect and locate any signals, while being easy to operate. The Universal Bug Detector sweep kit includes a custom case that contains all the items necessary you need to conduct a professional sweep indoors or out. Everything is always handy in one easy to carry case.

There are copies of the Universal Bug Detector on the market; heck, we sell one here. However, this is the real one and as my Grand Pappy always said, "Son, you always get what you pay for." How true; the less expensive ones don't provide the frequency performance and sensitivity of the CPM-700, and they guarantee it!

CPM-700 Advantages

Portable Sweep Kit - provides everything needed to perform a professional sweep; fits inside a standard briefcase.

Multi-Functional Utility

Comes with probes to detect RF transmitters (audio and video), carrier current transmitters, and telephone bugs. Probes also available to detect for infrared transmitters, tape recorders, and acoustic leakage.

Wideband Coverage

From 200Hz to over 3GHz with no holes or gaps.

Monitor Mode

After a sweep, the alarm monitor (silent or audible alert) guards against new devices brought in or remote control activation of surveillance devices.

Auxiliary Audio Input

Allows user to listen to telephones or lines for "hotmikes," hookswitch by-pass and "infinity" bugs. Unknown wires and cables can be tested for wired microphones.

The Universal Bug Detector Includes

R.F. Probe

  • Gain: 20dB nominal Frequency
  • Response: 50kHz-2GHz ±3dB 3GHz-10dB
  • Sensitivity: -62dBm (1 segment) -85dBm M.D.L.


VLF Probe

  • Frequency Response: 15kHz-1MHz-3dB
  • MAX input voltage: 300 VAC 50-60Hz
  • Isolation: 1500 VAC 60Hz
  • Sensitivity: -38dBm (1 segment) -60 M.D.L.

Audio Amplifier

  • Input Impedance: 50K Ohm balanced
  • Input Range: 1.7uV-10V (135dB) AGC
  • Dynamic Range: 100dB (high and low gain)
  • Frequency Response:100Hz- 15kHz±3dB (filtered) 500Hz-24dB/octave, 2.5kHz-18dB/octave
  • Headphone Output: 5Vp-p 220
  • Record Out: 25 mVp-p nominal with AGC



  • LCD bargraph: 18 segment with pulsing single segment trip point
  • 50dB dynamic range (1 segment High Gain to MAX Low Gain)
  • Alert Output: 2.8kHz tone or silent red LED at 2Hz
  • Remote Output: N.O. contact (300mA 25V MAX)



  • 8 ea. MN1500 AA Alkaline - Life 10-16 hrs
  • (Optional) 8 ea. 550mAh NiCad - life 3-5 hrs per charge
  • Low Battery Indicator: approx. 10% remaining power


AC Adapter/Charger

  • Input: 95-l30VAC 50-60Hz, or 200-275VAC 50-60Hz
  • Output: 12VDC with 500mA NiCad Recharge Time: 8-10 hrs


CPM-700 Unit

  • Size: 9 1/8 x 6 1/8 x 1 3/4 in, 23.2 x 15.6 x 4.4 cm
  • Weight: 39 oz, 1.1 kg


Carry Case With All Standard Items

  • Size: 16 3/8 x 11 1/4 x 3 in, 41.6 x 28.6 x 7.6cm
  • Weight: 7 lbs, 3.18 k


Upgrades & Accessories for the Counter Surveillance Probe/Monitor

IRP-700 - CPM Infrared Probe

The CPM Infrared Probe enables the operator to detect and locate surveillance devices that utilize infrared energy as the transmitting medium.

MLP-700 - CPM Magnetic Leakage Probe

The CPM Magnetic Leakage Probe enables the operator to detect and locate magnetic recording devices such as audio or video tape recorders.

ALP-700 - CPM Acoustic Leakage Probe

With the CPM Acoustic Leakage Probe, the operator can determine the vulnerability of accoustic leakage by placing the ALP-700 against structural objects such as walls or windows.

MPA-700 - Modular Phone Adapter

The Modular Phone Adapter gives the CPM the ability to test a location's phone wiring for surveillance devices.

TRP-700 - Tape Recorder Patch Cable

The Tape Recorder Patch Cable allows the the audio from the CPM to be recorded for a more in depth analysis at a later time.

CLA-700 - Cigarette Lighter Adapter

The Cigarette Lighter Adapter allows the CPM to operate and recharge the NCB-700 battery pack while traveling. The adapter provides 12VDC power from automobile sockets.

  • Output Voltage: 12VDC
  • Output Current: 500mA nominal


NCB-700 - CPM Ni-Cad Battery Pack

The CPM Ni-Cad Battery Pack allows for a portable and reusable power source. The pack consists of eight rechargable Nickel Cadmium AA cells which can be recharged overnight numerous times.

  • Quantity: 8 AA size NiCad cells
  • Current: 550 mAh
  • Life: 3-5 hrs per charge
  • Recharge Time: 8-10 hours


BMP-1200 - CPM Broadband Microwave Probe

Broadband Microwave Probe (BMP-1200) extends the range of the CPM-700 to 12GHz for detection of modern higher frequency eavesdropping devices. The BMP-1200 is sold as a CPM-700 Deluxe Upgrade which includes an Acoustic Leakage Probe for testing acoustic vulnerabilities, an RF Sniffer Probe for better detection in RF rich environments, and a briefcase size hard-shell carrying case better suited for traveling for the CPM-700 and accessories.

  • Broadband Microwave Probe (BMP-1200) covers 2GHz to 12GHz.
  • Directional response makes locating transmitters easier.
  • Provides enhanced sensitivity over the standard RF probe in the common 2.4GHz range (video cameras, phones, 802.11 etc.).
  • Includes Acoustic Leakage Probe, Sniffer Probe, and deluxe hard-shell carrying case.

  • BMP-1200
  • Frequency Range:  2-12GHz
  • Antenna Gain:  7dB Nominal
  • Sensitivity:  -65 dBm (1 segment)
  • Audible Sensitivity:  -70 dBm  M.D.L.

RF Sniffer Probe
  • Frequency Response:  10MHz-3GHz
  • Preamp Gain:  20dB Nominal
  • Sensitivity:  -35 dBm (8cm from target)
  • Audible Sensitivity:  -55 dBm  (8cm from target)

Acoustic Leakage Probe
  • Frequency Response:  50Hz-10kHz (Suface Dependant)
  • Sensitivity:  Optimized for voice detection
  • Impedence: 47K Ohm

Countersurveillance Probe/Monitor file downloads

Model: K-CPM-700 - The Universal Bug Detector

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