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SecureShot Yard Guard Bird Feeder Hidden Camera DVR

  • SecureShot Yard Guard Bird Feeder Hidden Camera DVR
  • Optional Hand Held Monitor
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The SecureShot Yard Guard Bird Feeder Hidden Camera is a normal bird house that has a hidden surveillance camera that can record for up to 1 year in standby mode.

If you are looking for a covert, weatherproof outdoor surveillance solution that can protect your outdoor assets and property, does not require electricity, and blends in with any home, the SecureShot Yard Guard Bird Feeder Hidden Camera covert video surveillance system for you!

The tiny spy camera looks out the little window above the door, and the roof comes off easily giving you access to the battery and SD card.

The SecureShot Yard Guard Bird Feeder Hidden Camera also has a new 550 line high resolution auto switching color/b/w camera that records high-res color video during the day, then automatically switches to a low Lux b/w camera for excellent quality covert video in low light.  

For the ultimate hidden surveillance camera, choose the Yard Guard Bird House Hidden Camera With Night Vision.  They have the high frequency, 950nm which do not glow red like normal Illuminators. You can safely record in total darkness, and get great video quality.

The Yard Guard Bird Feeder Hidden Camera has also been upgraded to record 720 x 480 D1 video at 30 fps. You can record smaller, 320 x 240 video to save disc space, though the video is much smaller. At 30 frames per second, its smooth and clear. Or record high quality JPEG photos.

The SecureShot Yard Guard Bird Feeder Hidden Camera Features:

  • Removable Li-ion Battery for Charging and hot swapping
  • 1 Year Standby Battery Power
  • 20 Hours Continuous Recording Per Charge
  • 550 line, High Resolution auto Color/B/W auto switching Sony CCD camera especially optimized for the invisible IR's
  • PIR Motion Activation
  • High Resolution D1 Video at 30 fps: (720x480) High Resolution fluid motion recording capability (user adjustable from 1 to 30 fps)
  • 32GB SDHC Card Support
  • Firmware Upgrade - New firmware can be quickly installed via USB port.
  • Embedded Time/Date Stamp - Embedded in video- Time/Date stamp is seen on both playback from unit and PC via SD Card.
  • Enhanced Motion Activation: Not only is sensitivity adjustable, but also features a "grid" setting with multiple blocks to eliminate unwanted triggers in the camera view such as a computer screen or rotating fan.
  • Multiple Playback Speeds: X1/ X2/ X4/ X8/ X16/ X32/
  • Schedule Recording: Record time can be set to record at only times of interest.
  • Event Search Function: Property and fist image of selected file is displayed to quickly find a particular event.
  • IR Remote Control: For setting system parameters and arming and disarming unit


This SecureShot hidden camera with DVR has an auto switching power supply that will work with 110 or 220 volts, so it can be used in any location on earth.

The typical lead time for this Bird House Hidden Camera is 1-3 days to build it and ship it out.

Playing back the videos is easy, just pull out the SD cards, insert in the SD card reader, and use either VLC Media Player on Mac or PC, or KM Player on the PC to play back the .asf files.

Right Click To Download SecureShot Bird House Hidden Camera DVR Indoor Video Samples:


To access the battery and memory cards on this weatherproof covert video camera, the roof is easily removed. Add a spare battery so you can quickly swap them out.

Inside the Bird Feeder Hidden Camera you will find a micro PIR motion activation system. What does that mean? For starters, it will only start recording video surveillance footage when a human comes within 30 feet. Their body heat activates the sensor and tells the DVR to start recording. All this is hidden inside an ordinary bird house for the ultimate outdoor perimeter protection for your home or business. No more false alarms from flags, branches, birds, or tumbleweeds. The bird house hidden camera will continue to record until 1 minute after motion stops, then goes to standby mode. The included rechargeable, high capacity Li-Ion battery can be recharged over & over.

The rechargeable, high capacity Li-ion battery offers 1 year of standby operation, and over 20 hours of actual recording per charge. Recordings can be played back to TV/VCR directly from unit, or the SD card can be removed and played on your PC or Mac.

The updated SecureShot hidden cameras with DVR recording time is approximately 5 hours per GB:

  • 2GB - 10 hours constant recording
  • 4GB - 20 hours constant recording
  • 8GB - 40 hours constant recording
  • 16GB - 80 hours constant recording
  • 32GB - 160 hours constant recording


Each Secure Shot Covert Spy Camera DVR Includes:

  • SecureShot Covert DVR/Camera
  • IR remote control
  • RCA video connector cable for use with your TV/Monitor
  • 1x 4GB SD Card
  • USB SD card reader with extension cable

Add a LCD Set-up monitor, quick swap battery, and larger memory cards when you check out.

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