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ReliTouch RT 201 ThumbLock Fingerprint Reader Security Door Lock

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User Management Software:


The ReliTouch RT-201 ThumbLock Fingerprint Reader Security Door Lock is the most advanced biometric lock on the market.


The ReliTouch RT-201 ThumbLock Fingerprint Reader Security Door Lock replaces the BioAXXIS ThumbLock Fingerprint Reader Security Door Lock.

The ReliTouch RT-201 ThumbLock Fingerprint is a single latch tubular lock that lets you add up to 1,000 users, and has excellent internal management capability. A backlit LCD screen, PC management capabilities, and audit trail options gives you everything you need to be up and running quickly.

The new ReliTouch Fingerprint Lock was designed for both residential and commercial installations. For the residential consumer, this biometric access control door lock has unsurpassed features and functionality. While beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, with a wide variety of gorgeous architectural finishes, don’t be fooled.

The ReliTouch is a security system on any door, giving you the versatility to manage access rights by PIN code or fingerprint (or a combination of both) to your residence. The ReliTouch’s access control and audit trail features also give you the certainty of knowing exactly who has been in your home, at what time, on which date.

And you can easily add or delete house staff, day workers, contractors, and guests without the hassle or risk of trying to remember who had keys made. Plus the ReliTouch can be installed indoors or outdoors with no concern for rain, snow, dust or humidity. You can truly transform your world from “care free” living to “key free” living with ReliTouch® and never worry about losing your keys again…

For the commercial customer, the ReliTouch is a great way to control access to restricted areas, especially if you are serious about your security.
Savvy security professionals understand the value of using biometric access control for identification and authentication purposes. This undeniably accurate information by itself can reduce risks and costs associated with theft, vandalism, and fraud. You will know exactly who enteres a door, and unless they kick down the door, they won't be able to get it.

Besides its cost effective price, ReliTouch® provides real savings by eliminating replacements costs associated with re-keying, replacing cylinders, or purchasing swipe cards. And because it is a standalone access control system, ReliTouch eliminates the expensive material and labor costs of installing electrical wiring and network cabling necessary for wall-mounted access control panels.

For our commercial customers, you can feel confident that ReliTouch provides you with the uncompromising commercial-grade quality. This lock is a true workhorse that has been tested to over 2 million duty cycles. The ReliTouch  allows for up to 1,000 users, comes with a 3-hour UL fire-rated latch, a free-wheeling clutch, 100% weatherproof design, standard commercial finishes like Satin Chrome (US26D), ADA and HIPAA compliance, and so much more.

If you need to secure any door in your business with an access control door lock, compare it to the ReliTouch first. Like purchasing a great cellphone, television or vehicle the ReliTouch is an excellent investment as it is a product you and those around you will benefit from each and every day.
Your ReliTouch is easy to program and easy to use as a standalone system – our user-friendly Backlit LCD screen makes sure of that. But the ReliTouch's true value is best realized by its biggest innovation – the incorporation of USB flash drive technology.

3rd Generation ReliTouch RT-201 ThumbLock Fingerprint Reader Security Door Lock Features:

  • Biometric and Pin code lock for residential/commercial applications, weatherproof, 2 year warranty
  • 1000 user capability with timed access control – Optional enrollment system and audit trail software package for your PC (Includes a USB Scanner and a 2GB Flash Drive for audit trail management)
  • Satin Chrome finish available

One-of-a-kind user control:

  • Up to 1,000 PIN code users (any PIN-code length per user), or
  • Up to 1,000 fingerprint users, or
  • Fast Touch and Go 1:N Mode (1 to Many), High-Security Access (1:1) User ID+PIN or User ID+Fingerprint, PIN only modes and more
  • Each user can be set up with any of these access methods, per user, per lock
  • There is no standalone biometric door lock available on the world market with this much control.
    • Night view backlit PIN keypad for easy use at night
    • 5 seconds access time before door re-locks
    • Heavy Duty components rated to over 2M cycles
    • UL-Listed, ANSI Grade 2 tubular latch with 3-hour UL fire-rating
    • Adjustable backset (2 3/8″ and 2 3/4″)
    • Commercial grade 6-pin rim cylinder (able to be removed) with SC4 keyway (3 keys included)
    • Free-wheeling clutch design
    • 100% weatherproof – this lock can be placed in adverse weather without the fear of damage caused by moisture, snow, dust, UV, or humidity
    • Rated for -40F to 150F
    • Impact Alarm if lock is attacked and loses contact with the door, a screeching alarm will sound
    • Non-handed design
    • 4AA batteries to operate (recommend Li-AA batteries for longest life).
  • * Estimated battery life is 12,000 to 21,000 cycles
  • * Low battery alert
  • * Non-volatile memory will not be lost when batteries are removed or replaced
      • Lock can also be hardwired to run full-time on AC by standard 12V DC power supply
      • Program 2 ways:
      • At the lock using the LCD
      • At a PC using the PCMU (optional)
        • Easy to Delete Individual users
        • Access Control features:
        • Open Mode
        • Timed Lock Access
        • Timed User Access
        • Import Records
        • Export Records
        • Optional PC Management Upgrade (PCMU) to program all locks and all users at a PC with a high-res fingerprint scanner. 1 GB flash drive can now be used to program the locks and download Audit Trail records.

Here are a few testimonials from actual ReliTouch customers:

We've been operating your commercial lock for about 3 months now and are very satisfied. We replaced an older model biometric lock that we used for a long time. Everyone has commented how much better this works. We'll be sure to spread the word.
Sheri S, 10/28/2011

This is great. We were very skeptical about the usefulness of the biometric aspect of this lock (and bought it as a PIN code lock). We assigned our employees both PIN codes and the fingerprint. I can report that 90% of them prefer the ease of the fingerprint access. Just so easy to get in every day. In fact the entrance we put this on is now used much MORE than it was before. Coupled with the fact the relitouch also works as a pin code lock it has turned out to be the perfect solution for our company. We will be outfitting a number of our offices with this.
B. Swain, 7/27/2011

Excellent product. It's amazing how far products like this have come over the last few years and after using the ReliTouch for a month I can tell you this leads the pack. This lock is jam packed with features and has a very solid build quality. I can imagine weather or the elements effecting it's operation at all. Thanks again.
Ernie B, 8/8/2011

Thanks for your support. FYI we now have 18 of your commercial locks and are standardizing their use in our warehouses. So far we've had a very positive experience with the system. Our engineers we able to integrate yoru software onto our network quite nicely - thanks again for your help with that. This has gone a long way toward improving our understanding of the work patterns of our employees.
B Waylon 9/22/2011

We have 6 LC-200 locks and 1 new ReliTouch and bought the windows software to better manage the access of our employees. We're so glad this software is compatible with your older locks. Works across the board without a hitch! We have 150 people enrolled and counting! Look forward to doing business with you guys for a long time. Thanks for answering all of our questions.
Sheila O, 7/12/2011

Model: A-RT-201 - ReliTouch RT-201 ThumbLock Fingerprint Reader Security Door Lock

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