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Oscor 5000E - Enhanced Omni-Spectral Correlator

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The OSCOR 5000 offers the most comprehensive suite of technical capabilities in a fully-integrated countersurveillance package that will detect the most sophisticated transmitters like frequency-hopping, burst/packet, and spread spectrum.

The OSCOR 5000is a complete eavesdropping detection package that is portable, programmable, and only available to any local, regional, or state Government agencies in the USA or abroad (If approved by the US Govt.).

The OSCOR is the ultimate microprocessor controlled countersurveillance system with a custom designed built-in spectrum analyzer that can operate automatically storing all encountered signals and spectrum traces in memory for later review and comparison. Nothing on the market even comes close to the OSCOR.

Designed to detect all major types of audio and video RF transmitters (even frequency-hopping, burst/packet, and spread spectrum), including carrier current and infrared, the OSCOR is the industry standard in TSCM equipment.


  • OSCOR PC Software for enhanced spectrum analysis, storing signal and trace databases, and spectrum comparisons including RF mapping, provides the capability for permanent profiles of sweep environments and the ability to generate reports and graphs.
  • Automatic Threat Correlation. The patented OSCOR correlator provides signal classification by correlating the demodulated audio of a received signal to the ambient noises of an environment.
  • Automatic Signal and Trace Scanning and Logging. Only the OSCOR provides an automatic solution to rapidly logging and classifying all the signals of your environment. A quick reference guide provides a single chart that completely defines the programming process.
  • Built-in automatically switched antenna array. Foldout antenna panel automatically selects the proper antenna with no connections required. Pre-amp provides maximum sensitivity for the proper input. No un-reliable cable connections or mismatched antenna inputs.
  • Sonic ranging and triangulation to pinpoint bug locations. Using the Patented Threat Locating System, a bugging device can be readily found with no destructive searches. The Triangulate and Locate option uses sonic ranging to locate a threatening microphone.
  • The OSCOR provides detailed signal analysis capabilities with a complete built-in suite of audio demodulators and IF bandwidth selections. The audio demodulators include FM wideband, FM narrowband, AM wideband, AM narrowband, Sub-carrier, Single Sideband, and IF bandwidths 250 kHz, 15 kHz, and 6 kHz.
  • Built-in video monitors display images received on transmitted signals for protection against covert video transmitters. Supported video formats include NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. This feature is not included in the basic unit.
  • Built-in printer for hard-copy printouts. The OSCOR built-in thermal printer provides a user with the ability to generate printouts of important sweep data.
  • Removable Program chip for ease of upgrading software. When a new OSCOR upgrade comes out, simply contact REI to request a new program key.
  • PC Interface and Remote Control of the OSCOR. The OSCOR PC interface software provides the capability to create permanent database profiles of sweep environments, generate professional reports and graphs.


OIF & OBB - Optional IF interface and Base Band

The OIF interface provides an external RF port with output from the 10.7MH Intermediate Frequency in the OSCOR. Using the OIF port, a signal can be fed from the OSCOR into other types of test equipment to further analyze the signal (i.e. an external spectrum analyzer that may have digital demodulation capabilities, an oscilloscope for further time-domain analysis, or into an analog CRT type display. The Base Band interface provides an additional RF port taking the signal directly out of the demodulation circuit, with 250hKz bandwidth and can be used to feed a signal into an oscilloscope to perform FFT analysis to look for sub-carrier type signals (the OSCOR provides some sub-carrier capabilities, but this function provides better capabilities).

OSC-5000 Advantages

OPC Software now included, providing the ability for enhanced spectrum analysis including the ability to store, retrieve, analyze, and compare signals and traces for quick detection of the most sophisticated eavesdropping transmitters. The software also provides the capability to remote control of an OSCOR across a network or VPN for remote monitoring purposes. 

Patented Threat Locating System: The patented threat locating system uses sonic ranging and triangulation to locate the transmitter microphone. This can only be used if an audio signal can be demodulated with the OSCOR

Portable complete package of countersurveillance test equipment. Complete unit is the size of a large brief case and can be easily carried on a plane, bus, or car as hand-carry luggage. demodulator, audio correlator, computer controller, LCD display panel, and hard copy printer into one briefcase.

Programmable Automatic Mode
that continuously scans all bands and silently detects eavesdropping devices. The OSCOR can be used around the clock to monitor an environment without an operator present. The OSCOR is simple, easy to use, reliable, and lightweight. It is a cost effective system that out performs government and military systems costing much more (such as the Rockwell MSS System).

High Sensitivity Digital Synthesized Receiver
is a phased locked super heterodyne spectrum analyzer that scans Radio Frequency 10KHz to 3GHz, and up to 21GHz by using the MDC-2100 down converter, carrier current (10KHz to 5 MHz), and infrared (850nm to 1070nm / 10KHz to 5 MHz). When properly used the OSCOR can automatically detect most surveillance devices using radio frequencies between 10 kHz to over 3 GHz (to 22 GHz with optional downconvertors), an area of the RF spectrum used by many of the surveillance devices made. Antenna inputs are automatically selected on their patented fold out antenna panel.

Frequency spans can be programmed with single button control for rapid recall and automatic searching, and sweeping IF bandwidths: 250kHz, 15kHz, and 6kHz.

Built-in Demodulators and Bandwidths:
Demodulators include AM wide and narrowband, FM wide and narrowband, SSB, single sideband, Sub-carrier, and video(available as an option up to 10MHz). IF bandwidths are built-in and programmable and include 6Khz, 15KHz, and 250Khz. The most popular bugging frequencies for free space RF audio and telephone surveillance devices is between 30 MHz and 960 MHz for non-microwave devices. The OSCOR covers this area well, and is sensitive enough, and the multi-pole IF filters sharp enough to pick up very low power devices at considerable distances.

Antenna Array: All OSCOR input antenna's are built into the case and are automatically switched. Pre-amp provides maximum sensitivity for the proper input. No unreliable cable connections or mismatched antenna inputes.

  • ACTIVE WHIP ANTENNA: 0.5-1505MHz frequency coverage.
  • DISCONE ANTENNA: 1500-3000MHz frequency coverage.
  • LOOP ANTENNA: 10-500kHz frequency coverage.
  • INFRARED DETECTOR: 360°; wavelengths of 850-1070nm and modulation from 10kHz-5MHz.
  • STATUS INDICATORS: Display the selected antenna.
  • AC VLF: (not shown in picture) The AC power cord serves as a probe for testing for carrier current type transmitters.
  • BUILT-IN 20dB PRE-AMP: Improves receiver sensitivity.

Acoustic Correlator, Automatic Searching, signal detection, spectrum trace acquisition, and storage. The OSCOR utilizes passive sound pattern matching to automatically detect and classify a listening device even when the OSCOR is running automatically (un-manned).

  • “LOAD FRIENDLY” mode stores outside ambient signals and traces prior to performing a sweep.
  • TARGET SWEEP AREA SIGNALS are easily differentiated from ambient environment “Friendly Signals” and “Friendly Trace.”
  • ALL SIGNALS are dated, classified, and stored for later retrieval and automatic tuning.
  • SIGNAL AND TRACE DATABASES can be stored for later comparison and analysis to determine if any new signals have been introduced into the environment.

Strip Chart Plotter built-in the OSCOR to provide hard-copies of spectrum profiles, signal database information, correlation printouts, etc.. Printer functions as WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) operation by printing any information that is displayed on the screen.

Video Receive and Display Capability. Optional feature provides ability to receive NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video formats to provide detection of transmitted video signals including covert chip cameras that are increasingly proliferated.

Triangulation and Location System
. Patented system that allows the user to pin-point the location of an eavesdropping device without the need for destructive and time consuming searches.

Trace Analysis for Rapid Detection of Sophisticated transmitters

  • OPTIMIZED SWEEP TIME FOR FAST ANALYSIS: less than 5 seconds to complete one 1.5GHz pass.
  • FRIENDLY SPECTRUM TRACE provides reference trace for comparisons against sweep location trace.
  • PEAK TRACE MINUS FRIENDLY TRACE quickly shows evidence of analog and digital transmitters including frequency hopping and burst/packet transmitters.
  • TRACES CAN BE COMPARED for RF mapping of transmission sources within a building.
  • DETAILED TRACE DATA IS STORED using 120,000 data points across the Whip High, Discone, and MDC antennas.

Automatic Threat Classification

  • AUTOMATICALLY ANALYZES SIGNALS using a patented sound pattern correlator.
  • CORRELATOR PROCESS is integrated over time to ensure accurate correlation.
  • SIGNAL THREAT LEVEL ESTABLISHED ON A SCALE FROM 1 TO 5 based on the integrated correlation value.
  • DIGITAL SIGNALS, or signals that cannot be demodulated or correlated are flagged based on RSSI increase from Friendly reference.

Built-in Printer for Rapid Hardcopies - Printouts can be generated of:

  1. Frequency Spectrum
  2. Oscilloscope View
  3. Correlation Results
  4. Signal Database Listings 5
  5. Frequency Span Listings
  6. Threat Location Information
  7. System Configuration

The OSCOR’s built-in thermal printer provides a user-friendly “What You See is What You Get” method of generating print- outs of important sweep data.

PC Interface and Remote Control of the OSCOR
The OSCOR OPC software provides enhanced analysis capabilities as well as the ability to create permanent signal databases and trace profiles of sweep environments for RF mapping and future comparisons. A Trace Sequence Recorder is also included for monitoring traces over time in a waterfall display. The software also provides professional report and graph capabilities.

  • Software ADVANTAGES:
    • STORE, UPLOAD, AND DOWNLOAD signal and trace info.
    • PROGRAM THE OSCOR for automatic operation.
    • SIGNAL CLASSIFICATION using international frequency allocations.
    • CUSTOMIZABLE REPORTS and frequency spectrum graphs.
    • COMPARE AND ANALYZE historical signal and trace data to easily identify new signals detected in the sweep environment.
    • REMOTE CONTROL OF OSCOR from PC computer. TRACE SEQUENCE RECORDER provides waterfall trace display; allows user to “playback” recorded trace history files. RAPID THREAT INDICATION using detailed comparison of stored
    • RF spectrum traces. QUICKLY IDENTIFY SOPHISTICATED TRANSMITTERS (frequency hopping & burst/packet) using peak difference trace analysis.




  • RF System: RF Receiver Type: Quad Conversion Super Heterodyne with 3 phase locked loop synthesizers
  • RF Frequency Coverage: 10kHz-3GHz (3GHz-21GHz with optional MDC-2100)
  • Tuning Resolution: 100Hz
  • Sensitivity: 0.8µV typical with 15kHz Bandwidth (+15dBm MAX)
  • Demodulators: AM, FM Wide, FM Narrow. FM SC, SSB/CW
  • IF Bandwidth: 250kHz, 15kHz, 6kHz
  • Attenuators: 0, -20dB at active whip, Discone, and VLF-MF input
  • Dynamic Range: 90dB
  • Subcarrier Tuning Range: 15kHz-250kHz
  • Antenna Types: Balanced Loop 10kHz-500kHz (35-45kHz Narrow)
  • Active Whip: 500kHz-1500MHz
  • Discone: 1500MHz-3000MHz
  • Infrared Detector: 10kHz-5MHz, 850-1070nM
  • AC Carrier Current: 10kHz-5MHz (Balanced Across Power Line)


Control System

  • 8/16 Bit Microcontroller
  • 512K Static RAM Memory
  • Optical Encoder: 128 Pulse/Rev with variable count ratio
  • Program Key: 256K Byte ROM
  • Display: 128 x 256 Segment Graphics Supertwist LCD
  • Printer: 192 Dot Per Line Graphics on 2" wide thermal paper
  • Audio System: Frequency Response: 50Hz-15kHz
  • Voiceband Filter: 300Hz-3000Hz -18dB/Octave
  • AGC Dynamic Range: 60dB
  • Output Power: 3W @ 4
  • Headphone Output: 0-2V rms @ 220
  • Record Output: 50mV rms (with AGC) @ 500
  • Remote contact: Normally Open (200mA 32V MAX)
  • Balanced Auxiliary Input: 0.5V rms Nominal @ 600
  • Reference Audio Input: 1mV - 1V rms @ 3.9K
  • Sonic Correlator: 50Hz - 15kHz (Frequency Independent)
  • Audio Alarm: 3 Level Programmable Two Tone Ringer
  • Squelch: Automatic digital or manual control over full display range
  • Headphones: Low acoustic leakage, output limited to 105dBA


Audio System:

  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-15kHz
  • Voiceband Filter: 300Hz-3000Hz -18dB/Octave
  • AGC Dynamic Range: 60dB
  • Output Power: 3W @ 4
  • Headphone Output: 0-2V rms @ 220
  • Record Output: 50mV rms (with AGC) @ 500
  • Remote contact: Normally Open (200mA 32V MAX)
  • Balanced Auxiliary Input: 0.5V rms Nominal @ 600
  • Reference Audio Input: 1mV - 1V rms @ 3.9K
  • Sonic Correlator: 50Hz - 15kHz (Frequency Independent)
  • Audio Alarm: 3 Level Programmable Two Tone Ringer
  • Squelch: Automatic digital or manual control over full display range
  • Headphones: Low acoustic leakage, output limited to 105dBA

Power System

  • AC Input: 105-130/210-260VAC, 50-60Hz, 24W
  • External DC Input: 12-l8VDC, 1A max
  • Internal Battery: 12.6V, 2.9 Ah 3 hour operation per charge typical



  • Size (HxWxD): 6.25 x 18.5 x 14.5 in (47 x 36.8 x 15.9 cm)
  • Weight: 24 lb. (11 kg)

NOTE: The micro cassette recorder previously included in the OSCOR accessory tray is discontinued and is no longer included with the OSCOR. The functionality to record received audio from a signal to an external recording device remains, however the micro cassette recorder is no longer included.

Upgrades and Accesories

  • OPC-5000E - OPC 5.0 PC Interface
  • OIF-5000 - IF Output (10.7 MHz)
  • LAA-1530 - Log Active Antenna (1.5-3.0 GHz)
  • MDC-2100 - Microwave Down Converter



  • Receiver: Quad Conversion Super Heterodyne phase locked Spectrum Analyzer
  • Frequency Coverage: 10kHz - 3GHz
  • Tuning Resolution: 50Hz
  • Sensitivity: 0.8μ V typical with 15kHz bandwidth (+15dBm Max)
  • Demodulators: AM, FM Wide, FM Narrow, FM SC, SSB/CW
  • IF Bandwidths: 250kHz, 15kHz, 6kHz
  • Attenuators: 0, -20dB at Active Whip, Discone, and VLF-MF input
  • Dynamic Range: 90dB
  • Subcarrier Tuning Range: 15-250kHz
  • Antenna Types:
    • Balanced Loop: 10-500kHz
    • Active Whip: 500kHz-1500MHz
    • Discone: 1500-3000MHz
    • Infrared Detector: 10kHz-5MHz, 850-1070nm
    • AC Carrier Current: 10kHz-5MHz (balanced across power line)



  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-15kHz
  • Voiceband Filter: 300-3000Hz; 18dB/octave roll off
  • AGC Dynamic Range: 60dB
  • Output Power: 3W at 4Ω
  • Headphone Output: 0-2V rms
  • Remote Contact: Normally open (200mA/32V max)
  • Balanced Auxiliary Input: 0.5V rms nominal @ 600Ω
  • Reference Audio Input: 1mV-1V rms @ 3.9kΩ
  • Sonic Correlator: 50Hz-15kHz (frequency independent) Audio Alarm: 3-level programmable 2-tone ringer
  • Squelch: Automatic digital or manual control over full display range
  • Headphones: Low acoustic leakage, 16Ω output limited to 105dBA



  • IF Bandwidth: 10MHz
  • Independent Control of Formats
    • Protocols: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
    • Demodulators: AM or FM
    • Synchronization Pulse: + or -



  • Display: 128 x 256 LCD
  • Built-in Printer: 192 dot graphics on 2-inch-wide thermal paper
  • Rotary Tuning Dial: 128 Pulse/Rev with variable count ratio
  • USB Interface to PC
  • Removable Program Key for firmware updates



  • AC Input: 105-130VAC/210-260VAC, 50-60Hz, 24W
  • External DC Input: 12-18VDC, 1A max
  • Internal Battery: 12V, 2.9Ah 3-hour operation per charge typical



  • Size (HxWxD): 6.25 in x 18.5 in x 14.5 in (15.9 cm x 47 cm x 36.8 cm)
  • Weight: 29 lbs (13.2 kg)

* PC Software is included with the OSCOR; computer is not included. MDC-900 and MDC-1200 sold seperately.

Model: K-OSC-5000 - Enhanced Omni-Spectral Correlator

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