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Mini 4 Camera Vehicle DVR And 4 Camera Kit

  • Mini 4 Camera Vehicle DVR And 4 Camera Kit
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$65.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
Hard Drive:
SD Card:


The Mini 4 Camera Vehicle DVR and 4 camera kit is ideal to record any damage to your car when it's running, or when its parked.

We were intrigued by the Mini 4 Camera Vehicle DVR, and ordered one to try for the hundreds of people who call us looking for a way to watch people damaging their vehicle from inside the car.

This product ships from China for $65 for each kit, and it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive.

This is a complete 4 camera and mini mobile DVR kit with no hard drive, add a 120 or 250GB hard drive, GPS option, or SD card when you check out.

This mobile DVR kit includes 4 cables, 4 small and discrete cameras with no IR, so you can point them out the window, a microphone, IR receiver and HDD reader to hook to your computer. If you use a SD card, the most recent video is also stored on there, so you don't have to remove the hard drive every time.

The cameras are 480 line analog, weatherproof IP67. While they do not have any IR Infrared mobile video cameras, they are lowlight with 0.1 LUX, and have a 90 degree viewing angle. This means you can point them out your car windows with no fear of the IR reflecting off the window, obliterating your shot. One out each window will cover 360 degrees around your car.

You can position the cameras under the side mirrors, or the back, though you risk the chance they can be pulled off by vandals.

Here is a link to an installation manual for a Toyota Camry, can be modified to any car.



It compresses the video with H.264 compression for very small files, and records audio audio also. This vehicle digital video recorder records 4 cameras at one time. up to 704 x 480 in NTSC. You can have it rigged to turn on when you turn on the ignition, or hard wire it direct and use the remote control to turn it on or off, and hit the record button to record manually if you want to use it to watch your car when you are not around to record evidence of car vandalism.

Mini 4 Camera Vehicle DVR Main Features:

  • Video And Audio
    • H.264HighProfilevideocompression,realtimerecording(25fps(PAL)/30fps(NTSC) for each channel. Frame rate adjustable for each channel.
    • AAC(Advanced Audio Compression) for audio. D1 resolution for each channel, which means each channel support
    • 704x576(PAL)/704x480(NTSC). Support 4/2/1 channel video and 4/2/1 channel audio recording
  • Power Input
    • Support from +8V DC to +32VDC. Applicable for vehicles with +12V or +24V battery.
    • When the power input connects in reverse polarity, the auto-protect function can prevent the recorder and battery from damage.
    • The recorder provides each camera with stable +12V DC power; DVR can detect the short cut on power circuit.
    • Can use ignition or separate battery to control the power.
  • Recording mode
    • Continuous record.
    • Start recording automatically when the DVR is turned on.
    • Support schedule recording.
    • Support alarm recording.
  • Speed and Vehicle status recording
    • Record vehicle speed and car id with audio and video.
    • Support 6 sensors, can be connected to brake, return, right turn, left turn light etc.
    • Over-speed alarm.
  • SATA 2.5’’ hard drive and SD card for storage
    • Support SATA 2.5 inch hard drive and SD card for storage, external USB device (memory stick or hard drive) is ok . NOTE If you remove the SD card while recording or playing, it might cause the damage of the file on SD card. While recording or playing, the yellow light on the front panel will be on. So please stop recording or playing until the yellow light is off if you need to remove the SD card.
  • Multiple player supported
    • You can use the following player to play back the record file.
    • VLC media player
    • Storm player (Version 2009 or above
    • Winamp Version 5.531 or above
    • Windows MediaPlayer (Need to download the H.264 control by network)
  • Overall description
    • High video quality based on H.264 profile compression.
    • High resolution recording, up to mega-pixel for 4 channel(1280 x 1024) and D1
    • resolution for 1 channel(PAL:704 x 576/NTSC:720 x 480).
    • USB port connect thumb drive/external HDD storage.
    • Compact size & lightweight, much easier for installation.
    • Support from 8VDC to 32VDC, applicable for 12VDC and 24VDC vehicles.
    • The recorder provides each camera with stable +12VDC power; DVR can detect the short cut on power circuit.
    • Can use ignition to control the power. Configurable power timer after ignition is off.
    • Automatic, event trigger, schedule or motion recording options.
    • Can record speed with audio and video. Support overspeed alarm. Support 3 sensors, can record brake, return, right turn, left turn light status into the record file.
    • External GPS allows for vehicle tracking and location with video and audio.
    • Use AVI format for record file. Compatible with different player software.
    • Support FAT32 file system, record file can be read directly on Windows, Linux.
    • Motion detection and the sensitivity can be adjusted.
    • Date and time stamp records onto footage.


While this DVR is designed to be recording when you drive, and is perfect for recording an accident, it really shines as a vehicle security camera system. If you purchase a few parts at the local auto supply store, you can have this set up in a few hours, or give it to a car stereo or alarm installer to do for you.

You will need to purchase a few things at your local auto parts store:

  • Marine battery with 500 Marine cranking amps, or regular car battery or motorcycle battery
  • Plastic battery case to protect inside the trunk
  • Small eyelets to crimp to power wire ends to connect to battery


Here is how you can hook it to a car or motorcycle battery and to put in the trunk to power it so it won't drain your car battery. Just get a marine, car, or motorcycle battery at the auto parts store. You can get a plastic, covered box to protect your trunk, a set of eyelet hooks, and crimp them with plyers on the red & black wires. You also need to splice in the yellow wire as shows, because its only needed if you hook it to the ignition to start it.

 We suggest this method, vs connecting to your car battery as if you don't drive it enough each day, and you use it each day, it could drain it in a couple weeks.

You will have to use the remote control to turn on the DVR, and hit record & make sure the record light is on if you are using it while the vehicle is stopped. Call us with any questions to help setting it up.


Click here for 24 different automobile cameras.

Mini 4 Camera Vehicle DVR Specifications:

    • VIDEO INPUT: 4 channels
    • VIDEO OUTPUT: 1 channel, 1.0V, p-p, 75␣, BNC
    • VIDEO COMPRESSION: H.264 High Profile
    • RECORD RESOLUTION:1280x1024(PAL)/ 1248x832(NTSC)
    • FRAME RATE: 100fps(PAL), 120fps(NTSC)
    • VIDEO BITRATE:1.98Mbps ~ 4.5Mbps, 4 level video quality
    • AUDIO INPUT: 4 channels
    • AUDIO OUTPUT:1 channel, 500␣, RCA
    • AUDIO LEVEL:1V ~2V, p-p
    • STORAGE:1.8 inch Hard drive, SD card, external USB device (memory stick or hard drive)
    • SENSORS:1 speed sensor, 1 ignition sensor, 3 sensors for brake, return etc.
    • COM PORT:2 RS232 port, 1 RS485 port
    • NETWORK:RJ45, 10M/100M Ethernet
    • GPS:Support GPS receiver(optional), can record GPS information along with video and audio. GPS data format: NEMA0183, Baudrate: 4800bps
    • PLAYER: Specially designed player for the DVR
    • THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE: Windows Media Player(Ver 11.0 or above), VLC Media Player(Ver1.0.0 or above)
    • INPUT POWER: From +8VDC to +40VDC
    • POWER OUTPUT: DC, +12V@1.5A, +5V@1A
    • POWER COMSUMPTION:Working power: <5W, Strand by power: 0.1W (exclude camera, hard drive, monitor)
    • WORKING TEMPERATURE: From 14 F ~ 140 F (-10 C ~ +60 C)
    • SIZE:120mm x 105mm x 33mm
    • WEIGHT:0.35kgs


List of Standard Accessories

  • Mobile Digital Video Recorder with antivibration mounting (cradle)
  • 4 Mini cameras
  • 4 camera cables
  • Antivibration mounting (cradle)
  • AV Input Cable 1pc(1CH), 1ps(2CH), 2ps(4CH)
  • AV Output Cable
  • Integration cable
  • Remote controller
  • Fuse box
  • 2 Amp fuse 2pcs
  • Screw for DVR installation 4 pcs
  • Hard Drive Case (with Hard Drive)
  • Power cable

Optional 3.5 inch LCD powered by the DVR:


Warranty Information

EyeSpyPro guarantees this product for 90 days from date of purchase. If the manufacturer offers a longer warranty, we will assist you in obtaining repairs under warranty. Contact us for the manufacturers warranty for this product.

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