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GeoVision 3rd Party NVR Software License

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The GeoVision 3rd Party NVR Software License records video and audio data over TCI/IP networks for specified non-GeoVision IP Cameras.

With up to 32 channels of pure IP surveillance, the GeoVision 3rd Party NVR Software License  GV-NVR offers the same functions as GV-Series Surveillance System. From monitoring features to video analytics as well as integration with LPR, POS/ATM and Access Control systems, it stands as one of the most comprehensive IP surveillance software in the security market.

Click here to see if your network cameras are compatible with the GeoVision NVR software.

GeoVision 3rd Party NVR Software License Features:

  • 3RD Party IP Products ONLY
  • 1 Channel NVR Software License
  • Monitoring
  • Intelligent Recording & Playback
  • Audio
  • Video Analytics
  • Smart Search & Ease Playback
  • Notification
  • WebCam - Remote Surveillance
  • Advanced I/O Control
  • Mobile Phone Application
  • Profile Management
  • Remote Monitoring Software
  • IT Technology
  • Central Monitoring Station (CMS)
  • Integration Solution

Combined with GeoVision IP camera, the GV-NVR takes advantage of a better image quality thanks to the progressive scan technology and allows advanced video features such as Picture-In-Picture and Picture-And-Picture. Compatibility with a wide range of third party IP cameras makes the GV-NVR the ultimate solution for pure IP surveillance environments.


  • Model Number - GV-NVR-01
  • New features to Main System:
    • Hybrid Solution integrating analog videos with digital videos from GeoVision IP video products and third-party IP cameras
    • Noise Tolerance for motion detection: By reducing motion trigger frequency and total file size, the De-Noise and Low Pass Filter function can help customers save costs and avoid false alarms.
    • Noise Detection to reduce file size (*)
    • Noise Filter to filter out video and audio noise (*)
    • Defogging live videos (option): An advanced video analytics feature used for enhancing viewing quality of videos or scene visibility taken under foggy, snowy or rainy conditions.
    • Video Stabilizer (option): An advanced video analytics feature that can help stabilize videos taken under very shaky conditions, usually resulted from cameras installed outdoors or inside vehicles.
    • PIP View (Picture-in-Picture): Provides a close-up monitoring view of a particular selected area on the video image, which enables security personnel to gain better understanding of any suspicious events occurred at a particular location. The view is especially beneficial when the camera resolution is megapixel.
    • PAP View (Picture-and-Picture): Provides a close-up monitoring function similar to PIP except that it can creates a split video effect by having a close-up monitoring of multiple selected areas on the video image. It can help raise monitoring efficiency when multiple areas at a specific location are considered to be critical or of high risk.
    • Panorama View (option): An advanced video analytics feature that can splice multiple camera images to provide a continuous scene for live monitoring. It allows user to gain better understanding of camera orientation and the relationship among cameras, and hence is well suited for wide area surveillance in locations such as airport, seaport, military compound, borders control stations, etc. Up to 4 sets of panorama views can be created.
    • Report Generator
    • New codec Geo H264 V2: Provides smaller compressed file size and higher frame rate than Geo H264, and hence is able to improve video transmission efficiency and reduces storage costs further. (*)
    • Multithreading encoding: Designed to speed up video encoding, thus achieving maximum CPU efficiency and frame rate. The performance speed up from multithreading encoding is most obvious when the multi-core CPU is in use. (*)
    • Support for cardholder data from GV-Video Server
    • Support for new screen resolutions: 1280 x 800, 1440 x 900 and 1920 x 1080
    • Support for new domes: Pelco Spectra Mini Dome (SD4-WO), Pishion 22X, VCC5i, Lilin (PIH-7625), Messoa (D-700 series) for PTZ tracking and VIDO (G65) for PTZ tracking (*)
  • New features to ViewLog:
    • Support for new screen resolutions: 1280 x 800, 1440 x 900 and 1920 x 1080.
    • Support for new video-enhanced effects: Defog and Stabilizer
    • PIP and PAP Views
    • Panorama View
    • Splitting files for backup onto multiple discs
    • Extracting frames from a video clip during playback
  • New features to WebCam:
    • New web GUI: The remote management WebCam comes with a newly designed and easy-to-use user interface with high scalability and extensibility for future integration with other functions or systems at remote sites.
    • Control Panel on Single View to provide instant information and operation
    • PIP and PAP Views in Single View
    • Support for defogging live videos in Single View
    • Support for Video Stabilizer in Single View
    • Restricting Power User and User to access WebCam Server at specified time length
    • Event List Query
    • Download Center
    • Drag-and-drop support for camera, PTZ and I/O icons on the 2 Windows of Mpeg 4 Encoder Viewer
    • Addition of "Use small icon" option in Remote E-Map
    • Pop-up live images upon input trigger in Remote E-Map
  • New features to Center V2:
    • Connection from one single DVR to two Center V2s
    • Simultaneous playback of multiple video files
    • Support for new resolutions: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 800 and 1440 x 900 
    • Backing up event log data to CD / DVD
    • Printing Alarm Reports
    • Support for GV-IP Camera
    • Support for GV-Compact DVR
  • New features to VSM:
    • Displaying status of multiple storage groups at the connected DVR
    • Resending event messages to VSM after connection is recovered
    • Support for Remote ViewLog
    • Backing up log data to CD / DVD
    • Printing Alarm Reports
    • Support for GV-IP Camera
    • Support for GV-Compact DVR
    • Enhanced support for GV-Video Server 
  • New features to Dispatch Server:
    • Backing up log data to CD / DVD
    • Printing Alarm Reports
  • New features to Authentication Server:
    • Remote access from Control Center, Remote E-Map and Multi View to obtain the list of DVR hosts     
  • New features to Control Center:
    • Support for PIP and PAP Views in Live View, Remote ViewLog and Matrix View 
    • Support for new resolutions: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 800 and 1440 x 900
    • Support for Panorama View
    • IP Matrix
    • VMD (video motion detection) monitoring
    • New interface style for Control Center 
    • Addition of "Start/ Stop Service" message to log
    • Instant playback
    • Import and export of Host List and Group List information
    • Support for negative coordinates used in position settings of Remote DVR, Remote ViewLog, I/O Central Panel and Matrix
    • Support for GV-IP Camera
    • Support for GV-Compact DVR
    • Support for GV-Video Server
  • New features to SMS Server:
    • Addition of event alerts
  • New applications:
    • Bandwidth Control
    • Backup Server and Backup Viewer
    • GV-NVR
  • New devices:
    • GV-I/O USB Box
    • GV-Joystick
    • GV-IP Camera
    • GV-Compact DVR

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