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EyeSpyPro Secure Live View Video Remote Video Surveillance

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$25.00 (Fixed shipping cost)



EyeSpyPro Secure Live View Video Remote Video Surveillance will allow you to monitor your video daily, with no storage needs.

With the EyeSpyPro Secure Live View Video Remote Video Surveillance, you can watch as many cameras as you like, live, you just can't store any of the video. Call us @ 1-877-3-EYESPY (1-949-791-7904) to help put together a package for your needs.

The EyeSpyPro Secure Live View Video Remote Video Surveillance features live viewing resolution of 640x480 at up to 4 frames per second (fps). Your video will be super clear since it's digital video, not 20th century CCTV analog video.

All this for only $9.95 a month per camera with no contracts! $5 per month for each additional user, and a $15 activation fee per camera, which combine with a $10 per camera ground shipping fee for a total of $25 additional charged to your card.

The EyeSpyPro Hosted Video Service works with the following AXIS Camera:

This service works with all AXIS video cameras except:

  • AXIS 206
  • AXIS 206M
  • AXIS 206W
  • AXIS 210
  • AXIS 210A
  • AXIS 211
  • AXIS 06032E
  • AXIS 233D

This service works with all AXIS Video Encoders except:

  • AXIX P7701
  • AXIS 240Q
  • AXIS 241Q
  • AXIS 241QA
  • AXIS 241SA
  • AXIS 241S IV
  • AXIS 243Q
  • AXIS 247S
  • AXIS 282
  • AXIS 282A


Here is an actual sample of the video from Waynes Lanes:

Wayne's Lanes is a bowling alley in the heart of Woodstock Illinois. Built in 1941, Wayne's is centrally located in the same town square where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed.

Check out some of the footage caught by an HVR Enabled Axis 207MW at Wayne's during their Tuesday night league.

The EyeSpyPro Secure Live View Video Remote Video Surveillance gives you live view camera viewing, though no storage capabilities. This is good if you just need to monitor a location and do not need to record video.

Each camera will need about 384kbs of data upload speed. Test your upload speed here @ Speedtest.net to see the maximum amount of cameras you can handle based on your Internet upload speed.

Allow about 400kbs to use the service, and remember. So if your upload speed is 1.2MB, you should be able to run 3, maybe 4 cameras with no problem.

Now choose an AXIS Camera! Choose from the following AXIS IP cameras;

How To Register A Camera For Hosted Video Recording


Eye On Hosted Video: The Top 10 Myths Of Hosted Video

Download the Terms of Service here.

Hosted Video Recording FAQ

HVR Mobile Software allows you to view live and recorded video from your hosted Axis Communications IP cameras on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Get it here; badgeitunes61x15dark.gif

Now Store High Resolution Images Locally With An Optional Iomega Network-Attached Storage Device (NAS)

The NAS device provides high resolution local storage for camera events.  A customer can setup recordings from some or all of their cameras to record to the NAS at a higher quality.  Recordings that are stored on a NAS are still accessible through the web user portal; they are uploaded to the server when the user requests them from the recording playback page.

The EyeSpyPro Hosted Video Recording supports the use of network attached storage (NAS) devices manufactured by iomega, which allows our cameras to not only record low resolution video for online viewing, you can also record at beautiful, high resolution video to the iomega NAS for further examination, or for law enforcement.

With the iomega NAS option, there are no quality limits for local recordings, so you can record up to 1080p @ 30 FPS.

The iomega NAS also adds redundancy to your surveillance system, which allows the cameras to continue recording locally, even if the internet connection is lost. The NAS also takes the pressure off of upstream bandwidth limitations allowing EyeSpyPro's Hosted Video Recording solutions to be viable up to 16 +  cameras per location.

Using the iomega NAS for long term storage, allows you to get by with a smaller hosted subscriptions thereby reducing the monthly cost of the EyeSpyPro Hosted Video Recording service.

Iomega IX Series Network Attached Storage


As part of the Axis Technology Partner Program (TPP), Iomega co-developed the solution with Axis to ensure the highest degree of integration and support. Iomega has included the AVHS client on its new double-drive desktop Iomega® StorCenter™ ix2-200 Cloud Edition NAS  unit, which ships with up to 6TB of networked storage capacity, as well as the new quad-drive desktop Iomega® StorCenter™ ix4-200d Cloud Edition , with up to 12TB of storage capacity.

In video storage terms, users monitoring even a busy scene can expect approximately 40 days worth of storage for four cameras recording to 4TBs of usable capacity at typical default settings. To maximize storage functionality, integrators can work with end-users to set event-based recording triggers that will stream higher quality, HDTV or megapixel video to the device on motion or audio detection, for example.

Choose From Two Iomega NAS:

The Imoga Personal Cloud Allows You To Access Your High Res Video From Anywhere In The World

 How to configure an IX2 network attached Storage using EyeSpyPro Hosted Video Recording service

Hosted Recording Specifications:

Live View Resolution:
640 x 480
Live View Framerate:
4 frames per second
Alarm Recording Resolution:
Alarm Recording Framerate:
Alarm Recording Time per Clip:
Guest Allowances per Account:
$5 each
Event Storage Time:
Continuous Recording Resolution:
Continuous Recording Framerate:
Manual Recording Resolution:
Manual Recording Framerate:
Manual Recording Time per Clip:
Mobile Viewing Capability:
Email Notifications:
On Connection Loss

You're Date Is Safe And Secure!

Servers and Facility - Reliability and Security
You want to make sure your work and home are safe. You'd want to know that your Secure-i HVR™ surveillance solution is very safe, too.  We have worked hard to make sure that the system's infrastructure is highly reliable and very secure. If you want to know the details, read on.

HVR™ system reliability and security:
The HVR™ system balances loads across multiple servers with redundancy at every level. The reliability of the system is a result of the mutual, interactive functioning of both the servers and the cameras. If a server becomes unavailable, the cameras in the system will simply connect to another instead. The camera will always keep trying to connect to the servers, in sequence, until a successful connection has been established. And if a connection cannot be established, the system will alert the user that something is amiss.

Your video is safe over the internet. The connection between cameras and servers is secure.  Authentication and all communication between the cameras and the server is encrypted and signed using a camera-specific key, uniquely generated for each camera’s interaction with a specific server.

Your video is safe even from us. All employees and system operators have no access to customer video.

And, just in case anything should need attention, there is staff on-site 24/7.

Data center reliability:
The data center is fully equipped with redundant power, back-up generators, and cooling systems.  Not only the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, but the entire electrical system has built-in redundancy to guarantee continuous operation. The overall system is N+1 redundant, including each component within the parallel electrical systems. An N+2 redundancy HVAC design provides appropriate airflow, temperature and humidity control.  Moreover, there are state-of-the-art environmental and fire protection systems.

Network performance and reliability:
No matter how large the Secure-i HVR™ grows, it will never outgrow the data center's capacity. We sit on a reliable, high-performance international network that has full network redundancy with multiple carriers and backbone diversity.  With multiple 10 gigabit connections to several carriers and BGP4 optimized routing, the facility can provide the rock solid reliability and redundancy our customers require. Facility capacity is instantly scalable to over 150Gbs.

Data Center Security:
No keys here. There are biometric hand geometry scanners, and tightly-controlled customer access via a security lobby with an intricate, interlocked mantrap system.

There are many layers of security to go through before anyone has access to our equipment.
    1.    Building Security will require a prox card swipe or signature.  Government-issued photo ID required.
    2.    An initial biometric hand geometry scan is required behind steel and bulletproof glass door.
    3.    FastPass with Photo or a valid work visit ticket is required to pass the security office, which is staffed 24/7/365.
    4.    Biometric hand geometry scan is required to enter the "man trap" behind steel and bulletproof glass door. Another is required to exit.
    5.    Biometric hand geometry scan required for access to data center floor.
    6.    Biometric hand geometry scan required for access to cages.
    7.    Self-powered kinetic locks on the closed cabinets with individual codes.

The facility is covered by over 300 cameras, covering nearly every square foot, starting before you even enter the lobby. There is a 30 day keep on this footage. There are even cameras inside the cages.

System Requirements:

The system requirements for the end user are minimal. You need a compatible web browser. Our service works well on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and Google Chrome.

There are several viewing methods available, and the user is encouraged to try them to see what produces the best result for their browser and computer. Please note that the default viewer in Internet Explorer installs an ActiveX control and you will be prompted for permission to do so. Certain controls are available via the ActiveX control that are not available with other viewing methods.

You need a broadband internet connection. The speed of your connection will directly affect the performance of your HVR™ surveillance system.  The more speed, or bandwidth, you have the more frames per second (fps) your cameras can send out to the server for live viewing.  (Alarm event recordings are buffered in the camera's memory and sent out to the HVR™ as bandwidth becomes available.  So, you always get the fps indicated in your service level for recording.)

We recommend at least 384 Kbps "upstream" speed for 1 camera to operate.

You need a broadband router with a free port in your local network. The router should include support for automatic IP-address assignment (DHCP), because the camera is set to receive an IP address via DHCP. If you wish to use the wireless capabilities of certain cameras, then a wireless router is required.

Warranty Information

EyeSpyPro guarantees this product for 90 days from date of purchase. If the manufacturer offers a longer warranty, we will assist you in obtaining repairs under warranty. Contact us for the manufacturers warranty for this product.

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