Zone Shield iPhone Case Hidden Camera Video

The Zone Shield iPhone Case Hidden Camera hides a tiny hidden spy camera in the end of an innocent looking iPhone case, and the best part is no matter how you lay it down, front or back, the video will flip to record right side up. Check out this video showing how the video flips automatically when you rotate the camera;

So what does this mean? Well, instead of using the phones built-in camera and giving away the fact you recording, now you can just hold the phone at your side, and point the bottom at whatever you want, and it does not matter if the camera is facing up or down. You won’t see it on the camera, its recorded to internal memory inside the DVR.

So if something comes up that you need to record right away, just turn it on, hit one button and start recording totally covert surveillance video without looking like you are recording video. How cool is that??

This way you won’t blow your cover if you are using it to record covert field video. And for all Law Enforcement or Federal agents, and anyone who lives outside the USA, you can get it with audio. We can not provide to a citizen in the US, sorry, its federal law.

Power Case iPhone Case Spy Camera
Power Case iPhone Case Spy Camera

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