Watch Your Loved Ones With The LandAirSea Tag Personal GPS Tracker

One of the saddest stories we heard was when an elderly woman living in California was going to go to the store, and end up in Arizona. Imaging getting that call that you need to go pick her up. When people get older, they start loosing touch with where they are, and once you get on the freeway and miss you’re exit, you can end up hundreds of miles away.

Something similar happened to my Mother before she passed, and at the time, we never had something like the LandAirSea Tag Personal GPS Tracker. With the Tag, it will let you know when a loved on could be in a similar situation.

The concept behind a live GPS tracker like the Tag is that it has a 10 day internal battery, so you can put it in a purse, childs backpack, or your parents vehicle. You can set up a GeoFence, that will notify you when the person goes into or out of a pre-defined area.

LandAirSea Tag Personal GPS Tracker

So you can set up a 20 mile radius around their house, and if they go outside that area, you can get a text alert. You can then log in to the free Apple or Android device software to get an instant notice of where they are.

They also give you a snipped of code that you can use to paste on a blog page or other web page, and you, and anyone else you share the URL with, can see the exact location of where the tracker is.

Live trackers do require a monthly fee, and you can choose 1 minute updates for $29.95 a month, or 30 second updates for $34.95 a month. There is a $29.95 activation fee, however, for you, we will waive the activation fee!

So now you can always know where your elderly parents, child, or significant other is at all time, giving you peace of mind they won’t get lost.

Click here for more info on the LandAirSea Tag Personal GPS Tracker.

If you just want to watch where a family member is going in their car, and don’t want to pay any monthly fees, a after the fact GPS Logger like the LandAirSea H4100 GPS Tracking Key GPS Logger lasts up to 3 weeks on “AA” batteries, and has a magnet mount, so you can put it under any vehicle for as long as you want to track. You have to remove it and plug it into your PC to upload the data, as you can’t watch it live.