Watch Up To 12 Hidden Cameras On Your Phone With The SecureShot HD Live View With WiFi

We just listed all the SecureShot HD Live View With WiFi cameras, which are ultra clear megapixel hidden spy cameras that send video over WiFi to you’re router that you can watch from remote locations or any Apple or Android device.

The big advantage is you don’t need a computer to watch the video remotely, just a WiFi router. All you have to do is hook it to a PC one time, and run the easy to use and set-up software to let your router recognize it. The router is the box that has your Internet connection. After that, it never needs a computer again.

SecureShot HD Live View With WiFi
SecureShot HD Live View With WiFi

There are ten different versions, and no matter if you need to watch what is going on at your home, office, store, warehouse, or you are a COP in a sting at a sleazy motel room, these products will let you watch what is going on on a web browser, or smart phone with free software.

We also have iPhone dock clock radios for iPhone with Lighting connector, or older 30 pin connectors; great for watching what is going on in the bedroom, office, or cubicle when you are not around.

And they have 32GB of internal memory, so you can can either watch the live stream, or play back the video from the remote view on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, or Browser. You can have up to 12 different ones in different locations, and watch them all on the iPhone. So if you have multiple stores, and don’t want an obvious camera, these covert hidden cameras will do the trick.

Also if you have multiple properties, or want watch the office, guest house, Mom’s house, or what the babysitter is doing to the kids, now all your covert nanny cams are easy to access on your phone. Free Android and Apple Apps are available to download.

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