Vivotek IP8336 Is A Tiny WiFi Megapixel Outdoor Day-Night IP Camera

Vivotek recently introduced the Vivotek IP8336W 1MP Outdoor WiFi Cube Network Camera, a small, WiFi enabled, weatherproof cube camera that sees up to 15 feet in the dark.

The Vivotek IP8336W is smaller than a 3.5 inch cube, and with a 1 megapixel IP camera with a fixed 3.6mm lens, making it great for watching areas like door entrance ways, pool areas, garages, or anywhere you need a wider view up to 20-30 feet away. After that, faces pixelate when you zoom in, and you need to see further than that, go with a 2-5 megapixel network camera.

Vivotek IP8336W 1MP Outdoor WiFi Cube Network Camera

Vivotek IP8336W 1MP Outdoor WiFi Cube Network Camera

Its IP66 rated, and if you don’t know what that means, check out the article I wrote that tells you what a cameras IP rating means over @ called What Does A Surveillance Cameras IP Rating Mean?

So this camera is ideal not only for residences, its also ideal if you have a chain of sandwich stores, gas stations, or really any small business that you can’t seem to run Cat5E cable to. With the easy to use, built-in WiFi, Vivotek makes getting connected easy & secure with their WiFi Protected Setup or WPS.

Even if you are a massive Corporation or Government agency, Vivotek’s cameras play nice with many network video recorders, especially NUUO’s line of consumer to professional grade NVR’s.

With the WiFi, you don’t have to run cable everywhere, so you can move it around if you want to watch a location for a short period of time, then move the IP camera to another area that has reception, and it will pull up with no problems. You just have to supply electricity, as it is NOT power over Ethernet. Operates under -4F to 133F, or -20C to 45C.

The IR Illuminators are activated by a light sensor, which pulls out the IR cut filter, so you can record at night. Note all IR Illuminators recording is done in black & white. If you need color night recording, you have to use a White Light LED Illuminators, and we can cover that in a future post.

We are here to help you choose the right IP cameras and NVR’s for your needs. If you have any questions, you can reach us at the number below… Who needs something like this??? Comments open, spammers deleted immediately.


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