VideoIQ Kills The NVR

We just started carrying the VideoIQ line of smart IP cameras, starting with the VideoIQ iCVR-HD IP66 IP Dome Camera. While you might be yawning and thinking, yet another line of network cameras, you are judging a book by it’s cover. The main reason why? VideoIQ kills the network video recorder with network cameras that have up to 750GB of internal solid-state hard drives, eliminating the need for multiple DVR’s at every location you need to watch over.

This is a industry killer folks, as now you no longer need a NVR to record your cameras. The VideoIQ iCVR cameras have ZERO bandwidth, except for the M-JPEG stream. No video is clogging up your local area network. No longer do you need to set up a separate LAN to take care of your cameras. With the VideoIQ cameras, you record on camera, and when you need to get archival video, you just log into the camera with a browser to download the clips you need for the fuzz. Bottom line? You are going to save a ton of money on your project costs.

Here’s a video for VideoIQ and what they do, VideoIQ Overview

The cameras are a true 1920 x 1080, which gives you a great, wide shot, wider than a 3 megapixel camera, and lets you digitally zoom in to see faces and license plates.

Now you can record on the camera, notify you when there is motion, automatically auto track a person, even though it’s not a PTZ camera, and toss your network video recorder to the trash. How cool is that? For more info on the VideoIQ line of cameras, or to get a quote for your needs, give us a shout @ the number below, or send us an email to:


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