The SilverCloud Sync Live GPS Tracker Keeps An Eye On Your Employees

A great way to keep an eye on your employees driving habits is to put a live vehicle GPS tracker in there. I remember when I was out of the military and 21, I was broke, and enjoyed painting and art.

I worked for a printer, and after deliveries, I typically had a couple large wooden boards used to put on a pallet of printed material and banded down. The wood would prevent the bands from damaging the magazines, and it made a great canvas for my works.

So I would stop by my apartment to unload them, then head back to the print shop. However, it would add time to my trip, and the boss started to notice it took me longer to deliver than previous drivers. Busted!

With a simple live GPS tracker like the LandAirSea SilverCloud Sync Fleet tracker, all you have to do is plug it into the vehicles OBD or onboard diagnostic port, and it will power the tracker, and you can log into a website, or use a smart pad/phone device to see the exact location of the vehicle.

The tracker can then be set up to notify you when it goes into or out of a GeoFence area. This is easy to set up, you just draw a circle on a map of what you want to be notified when a vehicle goes into, or out of the GeoFence.

It will also notify you when the vehicle is speeding over a limit you set, as well as gas levels, battery life, excessive idling or revving the engine. If you have multiple vehicles, you can watch them all in real time.

The neatest part is they give you a snippet of code that you can embed in any blog or web page, and anyone you want can see where the vehicle is. This is a great way for food trucks, delivery trucks, or repair trucks to let their customers know where the vehicle is at any one time. You can post it on your company website and send an email to your client to check where the vehicle is that day.

A live GPS tracker does require a monthly fee, and the air time starts @ $29.95 for 1 minute updates. You can update quicker, though unless you want constant updates, you can save $ by going with the 1 minute updates.

And just for you, we will waive the activation fee of $29.95! If you don’t want to pay any monthly fees, something like the LandAirSea H4100 GPS Tracking Key GPS Logger allows you to stick a GPS Logger to the vehicle for up to 3 weeks, and take it off and upload to your computer when you need to see whats going on.

Click here for more info on the LandAirSea SilverCloud Sync Fleet GPS Vehicle Tracker.