The NUUO NVRsolo Makes Setting Up IP Cameras A Piece Of Cake

NUUO won an award for new products at lat years ISC west for their NUUO NS 1080 NVRsolo Linux Network Video Recorder which is perfect for home or small business use. It has both VGA and HDMI output, so you can plug a HD tv to it to watch video, and it also works with up to 80 different makers of IP Cameras.

The NVRsolo has one click set up, so it can find the cameras that are on your LAN (local area network), and it makes it easy to connect to it from the rest of the world without having to open ports on your router.

NUUO NS 1080 NVRsolo Linux Network Video Recorder
NUUO NS 1080 NVRsolo Linux Network Video Recorder

While you can only view it on a PC and not a Mac, they do have free iPhone/iPad, and Android apps to watch on your phone or pad device.

If you have not picked out your cameras, they play very well with Vivotek IP Cameras, and work with up most IP cameras on the market.

If you are setting up a new surveillance system, or want to migrate to IP cameras, they make it super easy. They even have a dewarp feature for the new fisheye cameras.

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