Spy Phone Extreme Software Lets You Listen To Smart Phone Calls

We had a lady call us who has been verbally and physically abused by her husband, and asked if we can get any of the spy phone software out there to listen in on her husbands phone calls to see if he is cheating on her. While we did not have much of a choice in our Telephone Security category, we dug around and found the Spy Phone Extreme, a software program for any Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or Symbian Belle OS device.

What the Spy Phone Extreme does is allow you to listen in on all incoming and outgoing calls on the phone, without the phones owner knowing. You are notified by SMS message to your phone that a call is happening, and you can choose to listen to it, or you can just turn on the phones microphone so you can hear what is happening around the phone when its not being used.

Spy Phone Extreme For All Smart Devices
Spy Phone Extreme For All Smart Devices

And we do not in any way condone this for illegal use, this software has its place to be used where its legal to monitor your children, partner/spouse, or employees. So check if its legal to do this in your country, state, city, as we can not be liable for any illegal use.

So not only can you hear all calls or what’s happening around the phone, you can also see who they are texting with SMS, BlackBerry IM, Skype, Viber, or WhatsApp conversations. You can know all websites they visit, all pictures and audio on the device, and look at the address book.

If the phone has GPS capabilities, you can also know the location of the phone at any time. All of the info is safe and secure in a cloud based program that you log into from any browser or smart device.

And on all phones except Blackberry, the software is hidden from the App manager with a hidden icon for all versions. The iPhone does have to be jail broken, and for less than $2 a day, you can know exactly what is happening on that phone.


Wendell the Chameleon

Wendell the Chameleon
Spy Gear & Video Surveillance Solutions Expert
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