Record Incredible Video Of The End Of The Earth With The Vivotek FD8372 IP Camera

The world will be ending as we know it on December 21, 2012, according to the Hopi and Mayan Indians, and what better way to record the spectacular event of the end of the current world, and the start of the new world than with a Vivotek FD8372 5MP HD Smart Focus Dome Network Camera.

While the end of the world has been predicted many times in the past, we still are here, defying all odds. Remember Y2K? Yeah, not a glitch. passed the dreaded 1 year curse for any small business a long time ago, and now we are finishing up our sixth year, our best ever, and we were just acquired by

The Hopis and Mayans recognize December 21, 2012 as the end of a world age, and we will be transitioning from one world age to another. The Mayans were an very advanced pole who supposedly developed the most advanced mathematics and astronomy of their day. So even though they could not survive the Spanish taking their land and killing them off, they still believed that this world will end before Christmas!

The Vivotek FD8372 is a kick butt camera from one of the best companies making network cameras, Vivotek. Not only will this 5 megapixel camera record gorgeous 1080p video @ 30 frames a second, it also is IP66 rated. This means it is dust proof and can handle powerful water jets, like when the cyclones strip the earth of all vegetation and human life, this IK-10 Vandal proof rated camera will still be standing there, kind of like the buildings that survived Hiroshima.

Vivotek FD8372 5MP HD Smart Focus Dome Network Camera
Vivotek FD8372 5MP HD Smart Focus Dome Network Camera

The coolest part of this camera is while the world is ending, you can focus in on any part of it with it’s Smart Focus System, which allows you to remotely control the focus on this camera with built in stepper motors. So if it’s Mt. Everest exploding into little bits, or the leaning tower of Pisa finally toppling, the Roman Colosseum collapsing into dust, or just some good Ole’ fashioned mayhem in the streets of NY as the buildings topple into the ocean like the do in all the CGI movies now, you will get a great shot. And when you zoom in, your pictures will be crystal clear with no pixelation, even up to 150+ feet.

And with smart phone apps, you can even watch it on your iPhone as you vaporize. If you are using the Vivotek NR8201 4 Camera Network Video Recorder to record the action, which has a built-in PoE switch and easily configures any Vivotek camera, just make sure you put it in a hardened box underground so when the space invaders arrive in a few thousand years, they can actually watch the action again, and again.

So why wait until the end of the world before you set up your IP cameras, as they are in stock and shipping. Questions? Call me!


Wendell the Chameleon

Wendell the Chameleon
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Vivotek FD8372 5MP HD Smart Focus Dome Network Camera

P.S., Don’t delay picking up these high quality network IP cameras, as the world is ending soon!