Questions About The Power Cable Cord Hidden Camera

Someone asked a bunch of good questions about the Power Cable Cord Hidden Camera, and this will lead to us posting more of them here. He asked if it is truly wireless? It is not, it is an analog or CCTV camera that does not record at all. It just captures the image, and you can connect it to a video recording device, or a monitor/TV.

Why we love the power cord hidden camera is because its one of the smallest, covertest hidden spy cameras on earth, and so easy to overlook. The camera is at the end of the cable, looking straight out. Its a decent 480 line camera with a 60 degree viewing angle. Though it says its a 2.8mm lens, that’s typically wider than 60 degrees. We have a video of the camera posted on the product page if you click the picture below.

Power Cable Cord Hidden Camera

Power Cable Cord Hidden Camera

My desk is “L” shaped where two tables touch, and in that gap, I have a similar power cord sticking up for my label printer. Sometimes I have to unplug it, and if I didn’t wedge it lightly between the tables, it would fall back behind the desk, making it difficult to reach. So it would not look out of place sticking up between a crack, or even taped down with scotch tape, specially if you have a couple of them.

He asks if needs to purchase a mini DVR, or can he connect the power cable cord camera to his computer or TV to view the recorded material? Since it does not record any video, yes, you do need a mini or Pocket DVR to record the video, or you can connect the camera to a full sized, embedded Digital Video Recorder, and the DVR can record the video.

The difference between the two is the pocket DVR is about the size of a pack of cards, and the embedded DVR is the size of a TiVo box. The pocket DVR is a better choice if covertness is your goal, as its easy to hide, and powers the camera at the same time. If you use the embedded DVR, you have to use the included 9v battery pack (battery not included) to power it.

Pocket DVR

Pocket DVR

With the Pocket DVR, the cable is only about 1.5 feet long, and you need to put the pocket DVR close to it. Also, you can not view it remotely, unless you connect it to a wireless transmitter that is then sending signals to a receiver connected to a embedded DVR & really a waste of money and add an unnecessary layer, as you can just connect the camera to a wireless transmitter, and the receiver would be connected to the embedded DVR.

It adds a couple hundred bucks to the cost for the transmitter/receiver. Or if you run a coaxial cable up to 1000 feet to connect the camera directly to a embedded DVR that has the ability to watch over the Net, or a smart phone. You just need to power the camera with the battery pack.

He asks how long will it record for? On the pocket DVR, they take up to 32GB, and records about one hour of video per GB. If you use the included AC adapter, you can run it constantly. You can tell it to stop recording when the memory card is full, or overwrite the oldest video and constantly record. With the embedded DVR, you can have up to a 2 or 3TB drive, so you can record for months.

Finally, he asks if it will record at night? Sadly, it won’t record in complete darkness, and the more light the better. It does not have IR Illuminators to light up the night, there is no room for them. Its not a low light camera, it will require light.

Those are some great questions, and we will continue to answer them here for your education. If you have more, you can use the Contact Us form.


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