James Bond Drools For The Tie Clip Spy Camera

The Tie Clip Spy Camera

The Tie Clip Spy Camera is one of the most covert spy camera on the market that even James Bond is drooling for. Until now, you didn’t have much choices for covert body worn video surveillance besides button cameras or goofy glasses with a camera in-between your eyes.

The Tie Clip Spy Camera looks like a normal man’s tie clip, yet inside has a high resolution pinhole camera that connects to one of the new touch screen pocket DVR’s.

Tie Clip Spy Camera

Tie Clip Spy Camera

And it includes audio, so you can use it when you talk to a witness if law enforcement, your attorney, or when you do interviews. Some states do require consent to record audio, when you are in a public location, and not expecting any privacy, you should be OK, though do check with an attorney or some type of Online legal question asking site.

For the rest of you, just plug it into one of the new Law Enforcement Grade Professional Pocket DVR With 320GB HD, or the HD High Resolution Handheld Pocket DVR And Button Camera Spy Kit, both newly upgraded with touch screen controls so you don’t need any more stinking remote.

We will post some test videos shortly…


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Wendell the Chameleon

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