How A Fake Plant Hidden Camera Gave An Elderly Woman Peace Of Mind

I just talked to the sweetest lady with a West Virginia accent who was having problems with people stealing from her, and wanted some type of hidden camera she could put in a flower and record the people taking her stuff.

She tells me she is living for the time being in a trailer court, and when she steps out, they take her stuff. They took a $4000 TV, which she had not paid off yet, and some of her videos, and she was not a happy camper and wanted some advice.

Now I like the idea of the flower spy cam, I’ll work on that, though a $4000 TV? Man, it must have filled the entire place. She says she has a lot of bird houses, and I showed her the SecureShot Yard Guard Bird Feeder Hidden Camera DVR With Night Vision, a neat green bird house we put a hidden camera inside and you can hang it outside. She says she collects them and has them all over in the trailer, though I hope they are not occupied, or it could get messy.

Then I showed her the SecureShot Covert Plant Hidden Camera DVR, an actual fake plant we put the spy camera in, and she wanted one with a power cord instead of a battery, so she didn’t have to keep charging it. We have both, so she said she would need to call her daughter to pick her up to put some money on her credit card.

SecureShot Covert Plant Hidden Camera DVR

Once she did, she would call me back in a couple days to order, as her daughter has 7 kids, and she did not want to watch them right now. I can only imaging 7 kids bouncing off the walls in her trailer.

She has a house that I guess she had to move out of while she worked out things, and she was in the trailer until she could move back. I told her she needed her neighbors to watch her place for her, and she said they were all druggies, and they would never tell on their friends.

At that point I told her she better sell that house and find another one. I think she will, though she just wants to find the punk that took her TV, and she will because the hidden camera with DVR is set up to record video on motion, so you can position it at the door or valuables, and when a person walks in front of it, the motion detection will record the video without them knowing they are on Candid Camera. You can add a night vision function that will see in total darkness up to 30 ft.

Then all she has to do is either plug the included A/V cable into the video out port, directly to your TV, and work it with the remote control like a VCR and playing your video back from the camera. Or she could take the SD card out and pop it in the included USB SD card reader and watch on her puter.

Either way, she can finally get the satisfaction she deserves, while the little SOB rots in county jail. You go girl! We have sample videos on all the pages if you want to see what it looks like.


Wendell the Chameleon

Wendell the Chameleon
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