Does The NUUO Titan Live Up To Its Name?

We finally updated all of the NUUO products and for a business, the NUUO Titan NT 4040 Network Video Recorder is an ideal network video recorder for up to 64 IP cameras at one location. There are a few reasons to consider NUUO for your NVR solution, and one is their patented File Ring technology that makes storing and finding data a piece of cake.

The Titan can also process up to 64x 5MP IP cameras with a blistering 250Mbps. You can also view up to 400 channels of centralized live viewing simultaneously.

IP camera
NUUO Titan NT-4040 NVR

You can also manage up to 100 recorders, and playback up to 100 channels at one time. Dual NIC cards are standard, so you can secure your cameras in their own LAN, and also access them remotely.

NUUO also uses enterprise grade hard drives that are designed to run for years. Never, ever, use a Green HD in your video recorders as they will fail after about a year. Available in the desktop or rack version, and some models offer redundant power supplies so your system does not go down if the power supply fails.

And this is one of the few NUUO products with a Mac client, so you can watch it on a PC or Apple, and they have great smart device apps. They play very well with Vivotek IP Cameras, and work with up most IP cameras on the market.

If you are setting up a new surveillance system, or want to migrate your old CCTV system to the 21st century, they also have a nice hybrid appliance you can connect analog and IP cameras to.

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