Crystal Clear Spy Camera Recordings With The KT&C KNC-HDi47 IP Mini Square Camera

KT&C finally released the KT&C KNC HDi47 IP Miniature Square Camera, a tiny enclosed network board camera. These small cameras have been some of our most popular, though they hit their limit at 700 lines. This one is a 2.43 megapixel camera, and its available in two lenses; a 3.7mm board lens, and a 4.3mm pinhole cone lens.

This tiny network spy camera is about 2 inches square, making it an ideal covert pinhole camera when you don’t want to have a big, bulky camera. Its small, and can be put on a shelf, or in a vent, or if you want, you can drill a small hole in something and put it behind it for total covert recording.

KT&C KNC-HDi47 IP Miniature Square Camera

KT&C KNC-HDi47 IP Miniature Square Camera

And at 2 megapixels, no more grainy garbage video, just nice and clear. There are also 3 options for board lenses, 2.7, 3.7, and 8mm depending on what kind of image you want, close up or wider.

It is PoE or power over Ethernet, so you can power it and send the video back with one cable. You can get a 4 or 8 channel PoE switch, or a 1 channel injector if you only are using one camera here in our Power Over Ethernet PoE Category.

We will bring one in for testing and post some sample videos. KT&C offers a branded version of the LuxRiot VMS software that is fully featured for up to 4 cameras, for $249.95, $50 less than a standard 4ch LuxRiot. You can also buy a single LuxRiot license here, if you just need one camera. LuxRiot is open source software that is very easy to us, and works with pretty much any ONVIF compliant camera.

It can be upgraded to additional licenses here, can add unlimited number of cameras to a server, and works with 1350+ cameras from over 90 suppliers. Just install it on your PC and you are up and running. Click this link to visit our sister company, DVR Systems, who can make you a custom PC to whatever specs you need.

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