EyeSpyPro Updates On Twitter

We will be putting interesting little bits of knowledge on our Twitter page. It’s a great way to keep in touch with us since we don’t want to bombard you with email. Go to: http://twitter.com/EyeSpyPro and follow us. That’s all it takes! Protecting your privacy Christopher Winkler Spy & Surveillance Product Expert http://Twitter.com/EyeSpyPro

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Friday the 13th Means A 13% Sale On All Spy And Surveillance Equipment

Yeah, why not do a 13% sale on Friday the 13th? It only comes once in a while. And we keep adding new items day after day. If you have any needs to protect your property from vandals, we have some great outdoor cameras like the VersaCam Super IR camera which can see in very […]

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Privacy Is Dead In America

We have been posting about what AT&T was doing for the Executive branch; filtering the Internet for suspicious activity. Also, project ECHELON has been gathering phone, fax, and email broadcasts and monitoring them. Now a former NSA analyst reports it’s much wider then we ever imagined. Every single thing ever wrote, spoke, faxed, emailed, or […]

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