Car Vandalism Security Camera Kit

We put together a new 4 Camera Car Vandalism Video Recording Kit that will help you catch people trying to damage your car or truck.


We take our popular Dual SD Card 4 Camera Mobile DVR With GPS and 3G and add 4 small and covert high quality 700 line cameras that can be positioned to view outside the car on four sides, giving you a complete, 360 degree view of your vehicle.

We suggest you get a car or motorcycle battery to power it, because if you connect it to the vehicles main batter and do not drive enough each day to recharge the battery, in a short time it will not start. The battery and the DVR can go in a box or cooler that you bungie strap in place in the trunk.


Run two cables up one side, and two on the other and position the cables where you want the cameras to be. Connect the cameras and remove the adhesive tape cover to secure to the glass or dash.

Then get some eyelets that you can crimp on the end of the power wire and thumb tighten them down with the bolts on the battery like this picture. You want to disconnect the DVR when you don’t need to record, then reconnect it when you want to record. The DVR boots up and starts recording automatically.

If your car is being damaged and you want to find out who is doing it, this set up will catch them. Questions? Give us a call at 1-714-434-1441


Wendell the Chameleon

Wendell the Chameleon
Spy Gear & Video Surveillance Solutions Expert