Block Spy Phone Software With The Cell Phone Safe

Our last post was about the new spy phone software we are carrying, and this post is a way to counter it if you have a smart phone and you think spyphone software is installed.

Our Spy Phone Extreme , is software for any Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or Symbian Belle OS device that lets you not only listen to all incoming or outgoing calls, it will also let you listen to what’s happening around the phone when its not making a call by turning on the microphone.

Now we find the Cell Phone Safe, a small device that helps to block any spy phone software that might be installed on your phone. The Cell Phone Safe is a small, innocent looking box that you drop your cell phone into. What happens is when the Cell Phone Safe detects a spy phone access call, it will make a white noise, or static noise that will completely drown out the internal microphone, and the ability for anyone to snoop on you.

Cell Phone Safe
Cell Phone Safe


While it won’t stop the listening of incoming or outgoing calls, the Cell Phone Safe will alert you with LED’s when someone is trying to access the phones microphone, and turn on the white noise generator, drowning out any chance of them listening to your conversations while the phone is sitting around.

The Cell Phone Safe will last 10-14 days depending on how many calls, and it easily recharges the built-in batteries, and works with all GSM phones, and detects GSM 900/1800, CDMA850, WCDMA2100 (3G, UMTS) signals, as well as Blue tooth/Wi-Fi by an intelligent algorithm of the micro-controller.

Want to protect yourself from spy phone software? Get the Cell Phone Safe…


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