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HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 720P

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$25.00 (Fixed shipping cost)


No spy should leave home without the HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 720P is the latest in covert video surveillance. Hidden inside this ultra sleek pen is a HD camera that records 720P video into internal 4GB memory.

This gold trimmed video spy pen looks perfect in a board room, or any meeting. And it's not big & bulky like the old ones.

The HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 720P records 1280 x 720 video up to 30 frames persecond. It also takes photos, and records audio files.


Built in Li battery lasts for up to 2 hours per charge, and has a hidden USB port to easily upload to your Mac or PC.

Easily switch from video to photo to voice recording mode with the flick of a switch with the edge of your fingernail:



  • Tiny size and discreet look makes it ideal for otherwise impossible recording opportunities
  • 4GB Memory or 8GB, your choice
  • Color video and high-end voice sensitivity allows you to clearly make out images and hear exactly what is said
  • Sleek and fashionable design

Now upgrade to 8GB option!

Below are raw video samples of the HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 720P. Right click to download to your desktop. Open with KM Player on a PC, or Quicktime on your Mac.

HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 720P Sample AVI Videos

HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 720P Sample Photos

HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 720P Sample Audio File


Technical Specs:

  • Simple for anyone to operate with just one push of a button and support for Plug-and-Play USB technology.
  • Adaptor type: USB adapter for charging.
  • Battery type : Lithium-ion
  • Battery lasts for roughly two hours on a full charge.
  • Video compression: AVI video format (1280 x 720 Video resolution with up to 30 fps)
  • Internal Storage: 4GB or 8GB


  • 1 DV720P
  • 1 USB to DC Wall charging adapter
  • 1 Computer Driver and Instructional CD
  • 1 USB Connector
  • 1 Instruction Booklet

This pen ships from China and takes up to 2 weeks to arrive.

HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder Operating Instructions:

  • Charge for 3 hours in a computer USB port, or using the wall charger.
  • Hold down top button for 2 seconds. Status light will come on and depending on the mode, the color will change. In video mode, use switch #1, and the light will be green while it boots up like a computer, then turn solid red, video stand-by mode. Switch 2 is photo mode, with a solid green light, and audio mode is switch #3, with a solid blue light.
  • Press the top button once to start recording, no matter what mode. Video will blink red until you either stop recording by pushing the top button once, or the battery discharges. Photo mode will blink 1x to take a photo; take as many as you like. Audio mode will blink blue until you stop recording or the battery discharges.
  • You can switch to other modes once you stop recording. Then press the top button again to start recording.
  • Press the top button down for 2 seconds to turn it off.


Setting the Time & Date on the HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder:

  • Make a text file with the following format, changed for your particular time. The format is year, month, day, space, hour in military time, minute, second, yes or no for time stamp: 2010.11.16 13.10.00 Y for November 16, 2010 at 1:10pm, with time & date showing. Put a "N" at the end to get rid of the time & date.
  • Save as "time.txt" to your desktop.
  • Drag the file over to the root directory, the main window and let go. Make sure it does not go in any folders in the main window, put it next to them.
  • Properly eject the pen by clicking on the green arrow in the lower right of your monitor if on a PC, and then selecting "eject". Or right click on a Mac and select "eject".


Model: WO-PENDVR17 - HD Spy Pen Digital Video Recorder 720P

Warranty Information

EyeSpyPro guarantees this product for 90 days from date of purchase. If the manufacturer offers a longer warranty, we will assist you in obtaining repairs under warranty. Contact us for the manufacturers warranty for this product.

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Product Reviews

  1. It's actually very good

    Posted by Anonymous on 20th Feb 2012

    4gb will give you around 1 hour of recording time, split into two seperate avi files. (atleast that's what mine does when I just leave it on, recording).

    The microphone on mine isn't as good as ie. the voice recorder on my iPhone.

    Say you leave it in a room and people are talking in normal volume 12-18 feet away, you'll really need to up the volume during playback to hear it properly.

    But, remember how much technology that is crammed into this little package!

    Anyway, I think the video is very very good, frame rate is good and the device does everything you would want it to do.

    It struggles a bit in low light situations, so this device is perhaps best used in good light conditions.

    I had some issues with a few "stuck/hot" pixels on mine, but they were mostly visible in darker settings, really wasn't much to cry about, as the image frame as a whole is very nice.

    The indicator lamps on the back are a bit bright.(I've covered mine with some tape).

    Delivery was fast and communication with the store was good all the way.
    I was offered a replacement due to the hot/stuck pixels, but it really isn't that bad, so I never bothered to do that, but that should tell you that this store is a reputable one, they're not selling junk to rip people off, thats for sure.

    Highly recommended and well worth the price is my verdict.

  2. I rate this 3 stars because you guys cannot put up a proper description

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jun 2011

    There is nothing down about how long the audio records or how many photos can be taken. What is the point of having these features if all you do is talk about the video?

  3. Update to my previous review

    Posted by EyeSpyPro customer on 7th Mar 2011

    A little trouble getting an exchange unit from Eye Spy Pro's supplier, but Chris came through with his "No B.S. Warranty" and they finally sent me a new replacement unit.

    Now the audio is exactly what I thought it should be and now I can give this unit 5 stars. I was in the back of a large-ish auditorium last week where people were giving speeches from a podium. While their speeches were amplified, their voices weren't very loud and there was a lot of background noise from children. Nevertheless, their speeches are quite discernible on this pen.

    Compare this to the popular Swann brand version of a spy pen. While the Swann has surprisingly good video for the price (although not 720p and not as good as this pen), the audio on the Swann is always "smeary" sounding and the same recording from the same meeting is not discernible on the Swann. (From an engineering standpoint, it sounds like an internal oscillator loses lock and drifts when the scene moves on the Swann.)


  4. Fantastic video. Audio on mine not so good.

    Posted by EyeSpyPro customer on 24th Dec 2010

    I would give this pen 5 stars except that I may have gotten a lemon from the manufacturer. The video is amazing. Unfortunately, the audio on my pen isn't.

    While the audio WAV file that Chris recorded and posted on this page is crystal clear, the pen I received is not as good. There's some internally generated noise in my pen. I made a short video to document the problem so you can see and hear for yourself.


    The end result is that the pen doesn't pick up distant conversation at all (as in a law office) whereas the lesser pens I bought from EyeSpyPro do. I trust I can exchange this pen fo a replacement under Chris's "No B.S. Warranty" and will get one as quiet as Chris's example. And then I would give it 5 stars.

    Other notes: The manual is one of the better ones and survived translation. Chris reports two hours recording but I've only been able to get a little over an hour even after conditioning the battery. I think the recording time is a function of how much action you're recording. A quiet scene will record longer than one with constant movement. Less work for the processor to do.

    Wish list: I wish it would do the 3x photo takes as the Business Pen does.

    As a warning to others, I first bought a similar pen with the same specs from Amazon for $100. I returned it and the Amazon page has since been pulled. Even if it had worked, it wasn't the same thing. See my comment on the EyeSpyPro blog




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