Where can I get good & reliable wireless spy camera in Singapore?

M asked:

I bought some wireless camera from some shops in simlim. Turn out to be lousy, the picture is grainy and have lots of interference. Worst of all, it stopped working after 1 week.

Can someone tell me where to get good & reliable spy camera in Singapore for maid monitoring?

spy camera


  1. Niru

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    check online first for saftey

  2. ?

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    You can go to EuerkaPlus. Their web site is at

    They know what they are doing. All products come with 1 year warranty. Various interesting products for spy cameras and recorders.

    I like their latest mega pixel alarm clock spy camera
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  3. JC

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    Hi, let me know i should be able to get one for you
    just let me know what type of that you want
    hope this helps(:

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