What Does An Infrared Illuminator Look Like @ Night?

So many people call us to know what an Infrared Illuminator looks like at night. You will find them either on a video surveillance camera to improve night recording, or sold as stand alone units that help regular CCTV cameras see better at night.

The VersaCam VC/36 is our 2nd best selling camera with IR’s, so we set up one @ night and video taped it from a 2nd story mount, and zoomed in. Check it out!

What’s great about the VersaCam VC/36 is that it’s a wireless camera that can be hooked up to the VersaCam base, a 2.4GHz standard receiver, or it has a plug to be a wired camera you run a cable to.

The VersaCam base allows you to connect up to 4 cameras to a little box that connects to your PC. Wireless signals are sent from each camera to the base, allowing you to rotate the view, 3.5 seconds per camera, if you need that many. It’s really for 1-2 cameras, though if you are on a budget, you can hook up to 4.

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