The Covert Cellular Solar Powered Camera For Remote Video Recording

We put up another GSM based Covert Cellular Solar Powered Camera for recording surveillance video in hard to reach places. This 2 megapixel still camera allows you to put a tiny black box in the middle of nowhere, with a 45 day battery or solar power, and upload crystal clear photos to your own cloud based storage. You can be notified of any movement with a picture sent to your mobile phone, so you know if someone has entered your property.

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Covert Cellular Solar Powered Camera

So many people call us looking for a way to watch a back gate, or other remote location that has no electricity or lights. So we solved the problem with a turn-key solution that lets you set up the little 3″ x 3″ x 2″ camera in an out of the way place. Its 2 megapixel still camera will take great shots up to every 5 seconds, when motion is detected within 35 feet, or a schedule as frequent as every 15 minutes.

The body head activated PIR sensor will only record when there is a human nearby, unless you just set it for scheduled recordings, then it will do both.

Covert Cellular Solar Powered Camera

The best part is you can either put a solar panel up to a couple hundred feet away, or hook it up to a 45 day battery for 1 1/2 months of continual operation. We also set you up with a private online portal where you can view your pictures depending on the day & time, take a live shot, save a picture, or send one to a different email address or smart phone.

We had one person call to tell me some sickos were actually dumping cow carcases on an old ladies farm, far from where she could see it. That’s pretty much the weirdest thing we have heard in 6 years, so I am sure your problems are no where near that bad.

Or maybe I am wrong? If you are tired of your people stealing your stuff, damaging your property, or being complete jerks, then call us at the toll free number below for more info on the Covert Cellular Solar Powered Camera.

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