The Axis M7001 Mini Video Encoder Makes Any Covert Camera An IP Camera

We just saw an AXIS webinar and were blown away with the Axis M7001 Mini Video Encoder. everything about this company. Not are they the largest Network IP camera manufacturer with over 2 Million network cameras in the field, they also make some of the best quality cameras in the world.

Leave it to those Netherlandians to make some kick butt products. Now we find they have a candy bar sized network server called the M7001 Mini Video Encoder can be use to take your mini surveillance camera, and turn it into a network video camera.

AXIS M7001 Mini Video Encoder With Surveillance Camera
AXIS M7001 Mini Video Encoder With Covert Surveillance Camera

It’s PoE, which means it’s powered over the ethernet. What the heck does that mean?

It means that your camera can not only send video signals over cat 5 or ethernet cable, it can also power the encoder, and the small, covert ip66 rated video camera, completely eliminating the need to run power the device. This is only available on the Counter surveillance kit.

So with this mini video encoder, you can take ANY CCTV camera, hidden, inside, outside, PTZ, you name it, it becomes a network camera that you only need to connect an ethernet cable to. With other CCTV cameras, you must power the camera with electricity.

You will need a PoE switch, which is not that expensive. You get a free software license, so you can install it on your computer, and find the camera on your network. The candy bar sized video encoder will deliver two simultaneous video streams, one in H.264 and another in Motion JPEG, at full frame rate in all resolutions up to D1 (720×480 in NTSC, 720×576 in PAL).

Take your video surveillance to the 21st century with the Axis M7001 Mini Video Encoder, and add the camera when you check-out.

Who can use one of these???


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