The AXIS M1054 IP Network Camera Is The Worlds Smallest HD Network Video Camera

We finally updating all of our products, since we spent some time updating our email newsletters, and we found the AXIS M1054 IP Network Camera, the worlds smallest HD IP Network camera. AXIS is the leader in network cameras, with over 2 million in the field, and now they move to the HD format, further nailing the coffin on the CCTV camera grave.

If you are tired of poor quality, tiny video, it’s time to start looking at network cameras, and these new mini network cameras are going to give you huge, crisp video, that can be stored on a standard, off-the shelf PC, or the new line of Mini NVR’s that we will introduce later this week.

AXIS M7001 Mini Video Encoder With Covert Camera
AXIS M1054 IP Network Camera

Only 2.3 wide x 3.7 inches tall, and white, they blend in at home, or your business, giving you a discrete way to capture the video, without big honking cameras pointing at people. The AXIS cameras are smart, they can tell when they are being tampered with, moved, or spray painted over, as well as detect motion, and alert you to specific events. With the included software, it’s a snap to find your camera once you connect it to a PoE switch, or use the built-in wireless feature to stream secure, digital video with audio.

The built in microphone, and speaker, let you hear what is going on, as well as play pre-recorded warnings or messages. The built-in white LED allows you to get a great image @ night.

Check out how a 21st century surveillance system can handle a break-in:

As Carlito use to say on the WWE, while chomping an apple; "Now that’s cool!"


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Wendell the Chameleon
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