New Video On Changing The Battery In The Wild View Waterproof Outdoor Megapixel Motion Detection Camera

We were forced to make a video of how to properly insert the battery in the Wild View Waterproof Outdoor Megapixel Motion Detection Camera. The problem was too many people were dropping the battery straight opening, like square peg in square hole. If you do that, you bend down the contacts on the back wall that make contact with the battery.

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This is a fully self contained, waterproof, outdoor camera with night vision that can record for up to 3 weeks on a battery charge. And now its been upgraded to 10 megapixels, and, finally, 640 x 480 video. We will take some samples and post them later in the week. For now, here is the video of how to properly change the batteries.

It sees well in the dark, and the infrareds do glow red, like a taillight, however, to the camera, it looks like a flood light. If you want to watch the animals that come into your yard, or catch the punk scratching the paint on your car, this is a great camera for capturing video or photo’s with motion activation in any weather.


Wendell the Chameleon

Wendell the Chameleon
Spy & Surveillance Products Expert