Self Contained Car Vandalism Surveillance Solutions

We are getting a TON of calls from people who are having problems with punks scratching their names and other wonderful things on their cars! Imagine that; in any other country, they might cut off that hand. That sure would stop someone, eh?

So we found this great line of video surveillance cameras for INSIDE the car. These self-contained Car Vandalism Surveillance cameras are put inside everyday items found inside your car. There is also a digital video recorder that records the video for later use.

No SD cards to mess with, just plug in the USB cable and you can view your videos.

There are a few different ones to choose from; my favorite is the dice ashtray car vandalism camera. Inside an innocent looking dice ashtray lies a video camera and DVR that can record for up to 8 hours.

Dice Ashtray Car Surveillance Camera With Built in DVR
Dice Ashtray Car Surveillance Camera With Built in DVR

Unfortunately, there is no motion detection, however, 8 hours is a long time and you should be able to film the punk who is messing with your ride.

Also, the Clip on Car Mirror Car Surveillance Camera With Built in DVR is great for catching some idiot in a road rage situation. When you have your visor down like it’s blocking the sun, the clip-on mirror films your face. Turn it to the left, like it’s blocking the sun on the left side of your face if you are the driver, and you are filming the moron next to you.

In Southern California, I need that as there are no shortage of aggressive drivers that hog the road. If they do something stupid like pull a gun or try to hit you, you have a DVR filming their every move..

These also work great for RV’s, boats, or trucks. Find out more information on the full range of Car Surveillance Camera’s that can film any vandalism that happens to your car.

Anyone else having problems with punks messing with their vehicles?

Christopher Winkler
Spy & Surveillance Products Expert

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  1. Invest in a car cover. Although they can be a bit pricy, they don’t cost as much as a top of the line alarm system. Also, a full sized car cover is a deterrent to vandals. After all, if they have to lift a cover to damage your car, that’s usually more work than a vandal wants to put into things.

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