Record Abuse Of Your Elderly Parents With A Night Vision Granny Cam

We get a lotta calls from people who want to watch either their elderly parents in an assisted care facility, or their Nanny, and when its low light, it’s hard to record. We refer to these as Granny Cams, as they are meant to watch your granny. Some sick people actually think we are doing it for catching them in uncompromising positions, though they are meant to catch abuse by the very people are suppose to be helping them.

SecureShot just released their latest hidden camera with built-in DVR with night vision called, what else, the SecureShot Cube Style iHome Clock Radio Dual Camera Hidden Camera DVR With Invisible IR Illuminators.
SecureShot Cube Style iHome Clock Radio Hidden Camera DVR With Invisible IR Illuminators

This is an off the shelf iHome clock radio that takes iPods & iPhones, and we hide 1x B/W or color camera, or 1x B/W & 1x Color camera, and put in invisible night vision infrareds inside, with a SD card recorder for the perfect plug & play Nanny cam. What’s really cool is the IR Illuminators are invisible, and they allow you to record video in complete darkness.

Here is a video we made of a camera automatically switching from color to low light b/w:

So this really works great at home, or if you are getting ripped off after hours @ work or in your office, set up this innocent clock radio in your office to catch the thief.



Wendell the Chameleon

Wendell the Chameleon
Spy Equipment Products Expert