Hidden Camera Investigation: Child Lures

Protecting our children is top priority, and in Tulsa, the police did an undercover investigation to see how easy it was to lure a child from a playground. Good reading for any parent.

Tulsa, OK: “The man who viciously attacked a 5-year girl in Broken Arrow, is still on the loose, maybe looking for his next target. Many terrified parents wonder how he got her into his car without anyone noticing. What did he say or do? How can they protect their own children?

In a hidden camera investigation, and with parental permission, The News On 6 asked Tulsa Police Corporal Matt Hart to try and get children to leave with him from a Tulsa park. News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright reports this story is surprising, because it is really no different from the one The News On 6 did 10 years ago, when we used an undercover officer to coax children away from a park with the lure of a puppy. We hoped after years of awareness, education and programs, this time, we would fail, but that was not the case.


Because most people teach ‘Stranger Danger‘ and it simply does not work.”

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Take care of your children, always keep them in sight, and talk to them about this and pray it never happens.

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