Do Public Surveillance Cameras Really Fight Crime?

A sad story from San Francisco, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on video surveillance cameras around the city, it’s been reported they are of such poor quality, nor do they have the budget to monitor them, so they sit there, like those plastic owls you put on your roof to scare away the crows.

Only this time, it’s punks on the street that are starting to discover those fake owls don’t do squat.

William Gantt sat in a wheelchair at 16th and Mission on Monday afternoon, almost right under one of the city’s 76 crime surveillance cameras. Gantt, 56, said he was in favor of the cameras in his neighborhood, but was surprised to hear that no one was watching the feed.

“I always thought they were hooked up to a police station and they could see what was going on,” Gantt said.

Nope. That would make too much sense.

No doubt about it, the current crime camera program has problems. The video is choppy, the cameras are immobile, they don’t pick up images well at night, and the process to view a tape is too complicated. No wonder the cameras hardly ever seem to catch anyone doing anything wrong. “Why don’t we just turn them off and sell them for scrap?” asked Police Commission President Theresa Sparks. “That would save some money.”

This is completely different from home video surveillance systems that can help you solve crime because you are the one watching them.

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  1. I have Bell’s Palsy and enjoy your blog very much. First time I’ve commented, but have been reading here and there.
    Great blog. I enjoy reading it every chance I get and value your opinions!

  2. It is very unfortunate that they installed all of those surveillance cameras in SF with no intention of keeping them monitored. At least individual businesses still have the opportunity to keep themselves protected with surveillance systems. Having a DVS System is a great advantage over other types of Camera systems, because the footage can be viewed from any computer around the world by simply accessing a personal website with a password. After all, being able to watch the footage is the most important part of having cameras, right?

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