In Maryland can I use a hidden spy camera with audio in my home?

Just Askin asked:

Have a crazy ex and a friend gave me a little spy camera that records video and audio to turn on in the event he ever stops by. I don’t think the audio portion is legal in MD, but in the event something terrible happens and it were actually recorded, could I (or my family) use the recordings against him in court….perhaps removing the audio portion just so that it would be acceptable?

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Can keeping a hidden spy camera in someones home be regarded as a crime or an offense?

Soul asked:

I am asking it because I know that somebody has done it with me and is taking very undue advantage of it. I am not able to detect the hidden spy camera and others are cheating me with it. Please help me what can I do? I am sure about this fact. I want to stop this evil deed. Now it’s about 6 months since they have done it. I think it’s a cheating and an unfair means. I can’t believe people can get so wrong.

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How likely is it that merchants check their surveillance cameras after the fact?

Daniel P. asked:

My younger sister is 19 years old and she recently shoplifted a few items from her university store. Just compulsively, not out of necessity. She feels great regret and is riddled with anxiety. She knows she made a mistake. She wasn’t caught on the spot, but wonders if the store routinely checks their cameras and investigates any suspicious activity (i.e. a student shoplifting, matching the video to that students ID in the system).

Any account of a previous experience would be greatly appreciated.
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Is it illegal for store security cameras to record audio?

Carol Ine asked:

Most stores have some sort of security system that involves video surveillance. But is it illegal for the cameras to also be recording audio – and the employees monitoring those cameras thus listening to private conversations? Or are customers foregoing such rights to privacy once they enter the store?

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